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17 Best Nail Polish Shades for Jelly Nails

Don’t miss out on this year’s jelly nails trend, but not any sheer polish will do. Show off your own with the best jelly nail polish shades on Amazon. I’m including crelly shades as well which fall between a cream and a jelly because they still build a layered effect. You can also find jelly formulas in solid cream gel polish.

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Tips to make jelly nails look their best

Be ready for layers. Because the polish is sheer, you're looking at a good three coats to get the look you want. It's part of the look and that layering is what gives the 3D effect of glitter flakes sitting at different depths in the nail.

Don't be afraid of your nail line showing. You're not going for opaque here. Translucent is the goal so if you can still see some nail after three coats, that's okay. If that bothers you or your natural nails aren't looking your best, you can always lay down a neutral or white base color. The American Academy of Dermatology has nail health quiz with tips to keep your natural nails looking healthy.

Go big with your top coat. A quick dry top coat is a good choice right out of the gate since you're going to be working with three or more layers, but follow that up the next day with a plumping top coat for an intense shine that shows off the layering of the jelly.

See my buyer's guide to Gel Like Nail Polish for top coats that give you that tall gel look.

Go long. You can get a stunning glass nails look with long clear extensions.