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15 Best Professional Hair Clippers for Home Cuts

Best Professional Hair Clippers

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Right now you might be entertaining the thought of giving yourself or someone else a fresh haircut. Even if you’ve got some experience, the outcome can be seriously compromised if you don’t use the right tools for the job.

If you’re looking for the perfect fade, buzz, or bold design, it’s worth investing in some professional hair clippers if you simply can’t resist giving or getting a DIY haircut. Of course, if you’re a pro, you want clippers that can stand up to the rigors of daily salon or barbershop use and consistently deliver great results.

There are choices on this list that are great for both pros and rookie barbers. If you are a professional barber or a weekend warrior you can find the ideal clippers for your needs in this dope list of the best professional hair clippers.

These Are The Best Professional Hair Clippers for Home

professional hair clipper with t-blade Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Precision cutting
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • Carbon steel T-blade
Price: $63.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Waterproof
  • Five precise length settings
  • LED battery indicator
Price: $45.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Braun MGK3980 9-in-1 Precision Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Long battery life
  • High quality
  • Good size
Price: $71.42 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Color-coded combs makes organization easier
  • 60 minutes of operation time
  • Use with cord or without
Price: $29.48 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Philips Norelco MG7750 Grooming Kit with Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 19 trimming attachments
  • No blade oil needed
  • Five hour run time on one charge
Price: $106.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great compact size
  • 60% wider blade for efficient trimming
  • Fully waterproof
Price: $49.84 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Surker Mens Professional Hair Clippers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six guide combs
  • Easy to clean
  • One-year guarantee
Price: $36.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Hausbell Cordless Hair Clippers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet motor
  • Great price
Price: $45.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
professional hair clippers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made of heavy-duty use
  • Hand friendly design
  • Comes with accessories
Price: $159.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Long battery life
  • Does not pinch or pull hair
  • Good power
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wahl Professional Beret Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High performance
  • Snap-on blades
  • Cord and cordless options
Price: $84.63 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wahl 8685 Peanut Professional Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact size
  • Made in USA
  • The epitome of simplicity
Price: $58.17 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wahl Professional 100 Year Hair Clipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 70-minute run time
  • Taper lever
  • Can run with cord or without
Price: $109.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Elebebe Baby Hair Trimmer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Safety blades will not harm nor scratch sensitive skin
  • Uses ceramic and diamond-tipped blades
  • Waterproof
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Charging dock with two charge modes
  • Large LED status display
  • Quick remove blades for cleaning
Price: $99.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard & Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

    • Ideal for precision cutting, edging, and patterns
    • Helps minimize ingrown hairs on neck and face
    • Cuts close
    • Very quiet and powerful
    • Can overheat due to hair getting caught in the blades
    • T-blade susceptible to breaking
    • Spendy for somewhat specific uses

    When you’re looking for the perfect too to cut crisp outlines and cool designs, the Andis 04710 is ideal thanks to the T-blade design. With a high-speed, magnetic motor, It’s both powerful and quiet-running. This trimmer, when used with attachments, is perfect for beard shaping as well as precision patterns, parts, and edges.

    While these might not be your main clippers, these are outstanding for specialty cutting. The fine-cutting teeth allow for extremely close cutting that is ideal for fades and design work.  The contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand and it has a heavy-duty eight-foot cord that allows for plenty of room to work.

    The high-speed, powerful magnetic motor runs cool and quiet, delivering 7200 cuts per minute and making short work of the most detailed cut. That low noise factor makes haircuts more comfortable for your clients (or your family.) The high-quality carbon-steel T-blades are specially hardened to have a long cutting life. The T-Blade is ideal for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears.

  2. 2. Hatteker Cordless Hair Clipper and Grooming Kit

    • Precision adjustment dial
    • Six guide comb attachments from 3 to 24mm
    • Three cutting heads: hair, beard and detail
    • Trimmer stand only for organization, not charging the battery
    • Blade oil not included
    • Stand is too small for trimmer

    The Hatteker Cordless Hair Clipper and Grooming Kit won’t sacrifice power because it’s a cordless trimmer. It will get through your thick hair with no problem whatsoever. The high-carbon, self-sharpening blades are ground specifically to stay sharp longer and provide you with high performance no matter your styling preferences or your skin sensitivity. The kit comes with three separate cutting heads for hair, beard, and detail work along with six guide combs depending on the length you want. A dial on the trimmer itself will give you choices between 3 to 8mm that you can definitely feel. 

    The Hatteker Cordless Hair Clipper is packaged with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries each with a run time of up to two and a half hours (!) after 90 minutes of charging. That’s one of the highest capacity battery and charge times I’ve seen with a cordless trimmer. Mechanic operation is smooth and quiet. An LCD display on the handle shows what state the battery is currently in. The unit is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. Unfortunately, blade oil is not included for maintenance after rinsing the unit so you’ll need to pick some up with your purchase.

    Other niceties packed with the kit include a cleaning comb, charge cord, and hair comb. A stand for the charger is included however it doesn’t charge the unit nor does it fit the trimmer very well. That aside, this hair clipper does what it was designed for: get your mop shaped up and everyone throwing compliments at your tight look.

  3. 3. Braun MGK3980 9-in-1 Precision Hair Clipper

    • Accurate and consistent hair length attachments
    • Few exposed areas to clean
    • Plenty of pocket space in the case for oil, brush and extra razors
    • A little large for carry-on travel
    • Can't use while charging battery
    • Don't sure with shaving cream

    The Braun MGK3980 Multi Grooming Kit offers up to nine separate cutting functions in one sharp-looking (ha!) trimmer. The MGK3980 offers up beard trimming, hair clipping, contour edging, body grooming, and more. Four precision combs are included to achieve any beard style you want from stubble to maintaining that ZZ Top beard if that’s what you’re into.

    Comb lengths measure between 0.5 to 21mm. The trimmer is cordless offering 60 straight minutes of clipping time with no loss of power and features an LED on the housing that lets you know when you’re about to run out of juice. The time to recharge the battery is only one hour. If you forget to charge and you’re in a bind, that’s no problem: this little guy features a five-minute quick charge to get you enough power to get by.

    No one likes that annoying hair tugging and pulling when trimming one’s hair and Braun knows where you’re coming from. These trimmer blades are ultra-sharp and durable, don’t you worry. The Braun MGK3980 is waterproof as well so go ahead and cut those hairs in the shower all you want. That means you can easily clean your new favorite cosmetics tool right under the faucet.

    This hair trimmer also includes a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall technology to help with the effort. How about that? 

  4. 4. Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

    • Color key and attachment lengths featured in easy to read chart on the trimmer
    • Ergonomic design and easy grip
    • Stainless steel blades
    • Mixed reviews on battery quality
    • Be careful with how you snap back in the clipping head; it's delicate
    • Also be careful with taking on and off the combs as the head inevitably comes off with them

    When I was a kid, there was a textile company that made a fortune by marketing its color-matching system to young families. Simply match the top with the red label with the pants with the red label and voila! Kids now look much better with clothes matched together for them by the corporation! I’m not sure this is what the folks at Wahl meant to do with the Wahl Color Pro Cordless Haircutting Kit but the idea is very similar.

    Match any of the eight different colored comb attachments with the color code on the trimmer housing and POOF! Instant perfect haircut! Well, not exactly, but Wahl has may have something here. I’ve seen all too many discussions online about how the numbers on combs from ABC company aren’t the same as the numbers from XYZ company and now, well, I’ve scalped myself because it wasn’t clear.

    What this color coding idea does for the Wahl Color Pro hair clipper is help keep you and your attachments organized. The length of each colored line on the handle corresponding to each colored comb is the correct length of how long the cut will be. That’s a pretty cool concept even if it is a little rainbow-y. Not a bad thing, mind you.

    This grooming kit features a rechargeable clipper that can be used with or without a cord and a full set of eight comb guards to make haircutting quick and easy. The battery sports a reasonable run time of 60 minutes. The blades are also stainless steel and removable to provide outstanding cutting performance and quick cleaning.

    I really liked the ergonomic look and feel of the clippers too, there’s a large indentation on the front near the power switch that is obviously where your thumb should go. And when you’re all done, just throw everything into the soft storage case that everything fits into.

  5. 5. Philips Norelco MG7750 Grooming Kit with Hair Clipper

    • Self-sharpening steel blades
    • Full-metal motor with drive train reinforced with tempered steel
    • Cutting guards reinforced with fiberglass to prevent bending
    • Switching comb attachments is a pain
    • Lower part of trimmer is a bit slippery
    • Power switch in awkward location

    With the Philips Norelco MG7750 Grooming Kit and Hair Clipper, you get a really great package of craftsmanship. The kit delivers maximum torque and power with a full-metal motor and a drive train reinforced with tempered steel. Fiberglas reinforces the cutting guards, keeping them more even for better trim. This trimmer features something the manufacturer calls “DualCut” technology that provides precision with self-sharpening steel blades that will last up to five years. Not too shabby.

    There are nineteen trimming attachments that come with this bad boy for shaving and trimming all styles of hair, beard, and stubble. Fully washable and easy to clean, the steel blades and guards all detach with no problem and with no blade oil required to keep the blades in tip-top shape. An adjustment dial for length is sorely missed on this otherwise perfect trimmer. To change the cut length requires a new comb guard even with smaller lengths. That’s too bad because this set of hair clippers really has a lot going for them.

  6. 6. Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer

    • Fits in the palm of your hand for better control
    • Attachable handle to take care of every part of your body. Every. Part.
    • Five combs and six different length settings
    • Large blade is difficult to use in sensitive areas
    • Would be amazing if the handle pivoted for more control
    • Longer hair may clog easily

    Friends, let’s talk about an uncomfortable subject. You know and I know that some of us were born with, well, an extensive surplus of hair on various parts of our bodies that we would otherwise appreciate not having. Don’t you worry because I have a solution for us both: the Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer.

    This little baby is an excellent choice for whacking that hair that doesn’t care what others think about it. This trimmer has a 60% wider blade than other trimmers so that it takes out more hair in one pass. It can shave down to 0.2mm (that’s really short) and it’s waterproof so you can even use it in the shower. The rubberized grip will help you not drop it whilst in said shower. That would be bad.

    The housing looks like a hockey puck with a flat end; just place it in the palm of your hand and mow that untidy mop down with fine motor control. Dual-sided blades let you trim in any direction. Five guide combs with six length settings make it so you can get coiffed like Duran Duran or Pitbull. That’s slick.

    Here’s the most exciting part: this cool little hair clipper comes with (wait for it) an adjustable handle. Slap it on the trimmer and say goodbye to all that unsightly back hair. You know that bamboo back scratchers from the import market that you can’t live without? Yeah, it’s like that. This little wolverine will take out that back rug faster than you can say, “Jersey shore.” Hallelujah.

    On top of that, the lithium-ion battery puts out 40 straight minutes of follicle destruction to get ready for Saturday night, cowboy.

  7. 7. Surker Mens Professional Hair Clippers

    • Taper switch next to thumb for simple adjustment
    • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
    • Built-in rechargeable 2500mAh battery offers up to 300 minutes of cutting time
    • Taper lever may need a screwdriver to fully tighten
    • Plastic combs feel a little weak
    • Heats up quickly

    Designed for smooth and precise performance on all types of hair, Surker’s Men’s Professional Hair Clippers with high-quality, self-sharpening precision stainless steel blades. After your clipping is finished, the blades can be removed and rinsed off with water. This sleek, adjustable clipper works through cut after cut quickly and effortlessly with a powerful pivot motor that’s whisper quiet.

    The fast feed clipper keeps noise level down and productivity up, useful if you’ve got a big family to get through at your home. Designed with a convenient, adjustable blade lever to change settings easily, these clippers are super durable and built for long-lasting performance to provide years of use. The 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery is built-in, rechargeable, and offers up to 300 minutes of cutting time. The LED light indicates battery level and charging is complete in just three hours.

    The Surker Men’s Professional Hair Clippers feature a taper lever on the left side near your thumb that enables easy haircut length adjusting from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. Six high-quality attachment guards are included to assist with lengths from 1.5mm to 13mm. Plus, Surker offers a one-year guarantee on these so you’ve got plenty of time to try these clippers out before you decide you simply can’t live without them.

  8. 8. Hatteker Cordless Hair Clippers and Haircut Kit

    • Ergonomic design
    • 300 minutes of cordless run time
    • Everything you really need for a haircut for a good price
    • No USB charge option
    • Needs better instructions manual
    • Feels inexpensive

    The Hausbell Cordless Hair Clipper set is everything you need to give any guy a decent trimmer cut. The motor is quiet and the steel alloy and ceramic blades don’t pull or tug hair. The operation is smooth all around. The unit is waterproof and fully washable under running water. 300 minutes of run time from a fully-charged battery allows for sustained use if needed. Charge time is around two hours.  

    The Hausbell trimmer allows for three different length options and two detachable combs provide four more. This model perfectly details around the ears, neckline, and sideburns without the combs or attach the combs and use the adjustable taper lever to perform smooth cuts.

    I wish this kit came with some sort of carrying bag but for the price, I can’t really complain too much. This is a decent hair clipper set to get started with providing haircuts at home.

  9. 9. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper + Blades

    • Made to be used in a professional setting all day, everyday
    • Two AGion blades included
    • Comes with blade guard, lubricating oil and clipper grease
    • Heavy-duty motor lets these clippers plow through the thickest hair reliably
    • Guard isn't adjustable
    • Not the best for beard shaping
    • Grip can heat up during extended use

    If you’re shopping for the industry standard when it comes to professional hair clippers, almost every barber and professional stylist will consider the Oster Classic 75 clippers. This tool has a powerful single-speed universal motor that’s designed for all-day-everyday use. Plenty of stylists refers to these clippers as “the Beast,” and with good reason. They are solid, powerful, and plow through even the thickest hair with ease. 

    These have durable, break-resistant housing so you don’t have to handle them lightly. They also have a comfortable hand feel which is important in the professional setting. These clippers come with a blade guard, blade lubricating oil, clipper grease, and a cleaning brush, plus two Oster AgION detachable blades in sizes 000 and 1.

    Those blades are great for short tight cuts and fade. The 000 blade cuts up to 1/50th of an inch hair length and the 1 blade cuts short crops and flat tops within up to 3/32 of an inch. All Oster blades are seriously sharp and long-lasting as they’re put through a rigorous hardening process akin to making knife blades when it comes to hardness.

    This clipper comes with a nine-foot cord plus a convenient hanging loop. Another positive about the Classic 76 is that it comes in a dozen colors, so you can customize your clipper to fit your personal style. Love that.

  10. 10. Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper

    • Comes with three combs for six cutting lengths
    • Detail trim dial
    • Ergonomic handle and grip
    • Plug adapter sticks out form the wall too much
    • Could use some more combs for better fades
    • It's a little loud

    The Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper features pro-stylist power and battery life to give you a great cut. It features X-taper blades that firmly catch and cut hairs to reduce stubble. The sharp 45-degree blade edge provides a smooth, clean cutting performance that will have you feeling like you could cut hair for a living. The linear motor features something that Panasonic calls “Constant Control” with advanced sensor technology that detects the density of the hair you’re cutting. It automatically controls the speed of the blade movement to help you sail through the thickest mop you have. 

    The design of the ER-GP80 K is slim, light, and easy to use. The ergonomic handle with trim length dial is comfortable and covered with rubber to prevent slipping. Turning the dial changes the cutting length from 0.8mm to 2.0cm in 0.3mm increments. Use the clippers with a cord or without, the Panasonic ER-GP80 K comes with a charging stand and comb attachments. The adapter plug is unwieldy and heavy; an unfortunate design decision compared with an otherwise great set of clippers.

  11. 11. Wahl Beret Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

    • Stand used for charging
    • Two hour run time
    • Quiet motor
    • Make sure to use the blade oil each and every time you rinse the blades or you'll get rust
    • Not designed for edging or detailing
    • A little small for men's hands to use

    The Wahl Beret Professional Cordless Hair Clipper is a great option for anyone who wants to raise their game a little when it comes to trimming hair but watching their budget (and who isn’t these days?). This little trimmer delivers commercial performance with the convenience of a cordless home model. The Wahl Beret features snap-on blades for trimming and outlining and can be used with the cord plugged in or without. The included stand also acts as a battery charger.

    The motor is very quiet, so much so that if used in the washroom with the door closed it probably couldn’t be heard. Cutting guides in various sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ are included as is a styling comb and blade oil for cleaning. The lithium-ion battery runs for more than two hours after a quick charge. Gripping the hair clipper is made easier with an ergonomic housing laced with tactile material for maximum comfort. 

    The Wahl Beret isn’t your standard retail trimmer found at the big box stores and not prohibitively expensive for home use. It’s a solid blend of performance, price, and personality.

  12. 12. Wahl 8685 Peanut Professional Hair Clipper

    • Professional-grade clipper
    • Weighs just 4 ounces
    • High-quality tool that should last for years
    • Expensive but this is a professional tool
    • Comb attachment points could be stronger
    • Would be nice to have more hair length options

    The Wahl Peanut Professional-Grade Hair Clipper is most likely the simplest trimmer you will ever use. This little grooming tool only measures four inches long and weighs just four ounces yet has given barbers and stylists high-quality, dependable performance in a convenient, small package for decades. Don’t let its simple appearance fool you; it gets the job done. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in power and reliability.

    The Peanut clipper comes with four comb attachment guides (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″), blade oil, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, and operating instructions. Choose which length of comb you wish to use, turn on the trimmer and go. There’s not much else to it. This particular model, the 8685, is corded however Wahl offers a cordless version as well.

    Wahl products are made in the USA and designed to last and last. You could spend less on trimmers with more gadgets but there’s just something good about a basic, pro-level tool that you can depend on forever.

  13. 13. Wahl Professional 100-Year Hair Clipper

    • High-quality, heavy-duty motor
    • All metal construction
    • Great looking throwback design
    • Really high price point
    • Unable to zero gap...but it's doubtful
    • It's a little loud

    I decided to review the Wahl Professional 100-Year Hair Clipper because, quite frankly, it’s so amazing looking and I’m a complete sucker for anything that’s considered a throwback to solid 20th Century design. This trimmer LOOKS SO GOOD. You see, Leo Wahl first invented the electric hair trimmer and they caught on so well that, 100 years later, his company decided to celebrate by releasing a commemorative edition of the original model, with some modern touches of course.

    The first thing I want you to notice is that it’s made of all metal. Yep, this thing is so durable and made of such high quality that it’s most likely going to cut your grandchild’s hair someday. It’s got a full 70 minute run time powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be used with the cord or without. The rotary motor spins between 6,400 to 6,900 RPM and has a higher stall torque for the thickest of manes it may go through.

    This is a truly professional tool and it feels like it. The build quality is simply incredible. Do you really need this for cutting hair at home? Perhaps not. But do you really need top sirloin or are you resigned to eating ground chuck the rest of your days? There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but sometimes it feels really good to let loose and live a little.

  14. 14. Elebebe Baby Hair Trimmer

    • Quieter than a person talking
    • Can be charged via USB connection of any kind
    • Three cutting heads and three guide combs
    • Does not come with a charger
    • Not many options for a longer cut
    • You'll want to upgrade to another tool when your child gets past two years

    Those of us with children remember those times where your little person desperately needs a trim but the sheer terror of going to the local barber is simply too much for your nervous system. The Elebebe Baby Hair Trimmer is just the right tool to dry those tears, stop the screaming, and trim up your rugrat’s mop in no time flat. 

    It comes with three cutting heads and three guided combs for different hairstyles. The wide, round, R-shaped design of the clipper head will not pull, scratch, or harm your child’s skin. The motor is quieter than a person talking so it won’t scare your little one. This hair clipper is also waterproof so it’s perfect to use during a bath. You can even use the Elebebe Baby Hair Trimmer on your child while they’re sleeping without waking them up. If they are awake, the clipper is safe enough to use while they’re squirming around in a chair.

    It’s got a lithium-ion battery that can be charged with a USB cable that can be plugged into a portable battery, cell phone, or computer. Oddly, this trimmer doesn’t come with a battery charger. The Elebebe Baby Hair Trimmer is a really good solution to an age-old problem. Your child will definitely appreciate (and maybe even enjoy) getting their hair cut.

  15. 15. NOVAH Professional Hair Clippers

    • Seven guide combs allow for multiple cutting lengths
    • Four precise length control settings
    • 180 minutes of continuous use time
    • Confusing information on display; what's a burden meter?
    • Power switch is sensitive
    • Confusing instructions

    I’m now asking the question that many are pondering at this moment: do I dare give myself a haircut? It’s not something to be entered into lightly even if you are quarantined at home where no one can see you. But what about those video conference calls? It’s a difficult proposition but you can’t look all shaggy. T

    The trimmer itself isn’t overly large or heavy and it’s easy to hold. The motor has several adjustable speeds, runs quietly, and can operate cordlessly or with the power cord attached. Battery life is approximately 180 minutes per charge in the included docking station. This kit features four precise length control settings on the clipper itself and also comes with seven comb guard attachments to accommodate longer hairstyles. The trimmer looks sleek on the washroom shelf as well. It’s a great package for anyone making the jump to either giving or receiving a DIY haircut.

Can I Really Cut My Hair at Home?

The answer is yes! Anyone with a little patience and know-how can absolutely cut their own hair. In fact, since we're all staying home a lot more these days than we're used to, it's a perfect time to learn how to do it.

If you're considering doing DIY haircuts at home, this step-by-step guide from PureWow is a great and informative read for all kinds of haircuts. Keep in mind that using the highest quality cutting tools is a large part of any successful outcome (and if you're cutting your own hair, you're going to need as much help as you can get to get that successful outcome).

For longer hair, you'll want some excellent shears, while short haircuts for men will need a great pair of hair clippers for the sides and back and for finish work. Ensure that you're trimming against the natural direction of your hair (against the grain) for the best performance.

And remember: take your time. You can always cut more hair off but it's tough to put it back on!

What Should I Know About Using My New Hair Trimmer?

Trimmers take a tremendous amount of neglect. Because they are typically simple to use, people tend to forget that they require periodic maintenance just like any other tool in the house. Unless your hair trimmer directions explicitly say not to use it, be sure to apply light machine oil to the blades regularly.

If you own a cordless model, it's easy to throw your trimmer in a drawer until you need it. Make sure the battery is charged; some models don't allow for use while charging.

I have now given myself three (three!) haircuts and the first two came out pretty good; my wife was even impressed. Then I got cocky and now I look like I'm shipping out with the Marine Corps next week. The takeaway here is: take your time. You can do this!