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5 Best Cyber Monday TV Deals

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If you’ve been holding off on grabbing a new TV, with massive savings to be had, now’s the time to make the jump with the best Cyber Monday TV deals.

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Is 4K Worth It?

It depends on a few things. 4K, from a pure numbers point of view, offers up a sharper picture than 1080p. If you're planning on using your TV with a 4K video game console or you've got a collection of 4K movies, sure, they'll look nicer. 

Personally, I don't think there's enough of a difference to claim 4K is some sort of godsend that everyone should sell their kidney to afford. The jump from standard definition to high definition was huge, the jump from 1080p to 4K, however, isn't as noticeable. 

When picking out a 4K, I'd advise looking more at the features of a TV rather than whether it's capable of 4K. Take Samsung's Object Tracking Sound tech as an example. With this feature, four speakers track the varying sound levels and adjust when one sound attempts to overpower another.  If you've ever watched a film where explosions are 10 times louder than the person speaking, you're going to love this feature. I know I do.

Then there's Samsung's Quantum Processor. I don't know who names these things but bear with it.

The Quantum Processor will upscale anything the screen sees to 4K. Of course, it won't be as clear as if something were natively 4K, but the difference won't be glaring. If you don't own cutting-edge video game consoles or you need to upscale a TV show from 1080p, they'll look even better thanks to Samsung's clever AI.

In short, what a TV can do is vastly more important than a simple numbers game of '4K or not'. So be sure to keep that in mind before you hit that buy button. 

Think About Legs

Want to know what's really annoying? The distance between TV legs. 

You've picked your TV size, measured it up against the cabinet, then it turns out the legs - the plastic parts you screw into the base of the TV - sit right on the edge of your cabinet, just waiting for someone to plug in an HMDI cable a little overzealously and send it hurtling to the floor. 

Some companies opt for placing the legs near the center of the TV. Those companies are great and have my undying love. Outer legs, though? That's where problems arise. 

So, when you're measuring everything up, take a look at the TV in the image and work out where the legs are situated. Trust me, it's better to do this before you buy the thing. No one wants to set it up then realize you need a new cabinet. 

Consider Mounting It

With massive screens come the chance of kids knocking it over. You don't want that. No one does.

If you're after a solid TV mount that'll fit this beast, look no further than the Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount for 46-inch to 90-inch Flat-Panel TVs

That TV mount is easy to install, doesn't cost over the odds, and is solid, which is all that really matters when it comes to mounting a TV.

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