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13 Best JBL Cyber Monday Deals: Save Up to 45%

Gifts from JBL under the tree or in the stocking is just what Santa had written down on his list. Save big on Cyber Monday with some great deals on JBL headphones, soundbars, portable speakers, and more.

No one knows how long these deals will be around; take advantage of real savings now before they vanish like a sleigh streaking across the sky. There are excellent bargains on high-quality JBL audio gear like the Flip 5 portable Bluetooth speaker, Live 500BT wireless headphones, Tune 125TWS earbuds, and more.

Shop Now for Cyber Monday Deals on JBL Audio Gear

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What Is a Good Pair of Headphones?

If your headphones don't fit right, sound quality isn't going to do you any good so that should be first on your list of criteria. Your headphones must be comfortable or else what's the point? Over-the-ear headphones with thick, mushy padding to block out exterior noise is a real plus.

In-ear headphones should fit snug but don't shove them down into your ear canal. Serious damage can happen if too much force is applied to earbuds. And do you want earwax all over your new gear? Uh, no.

Accessories designed to make earbuds fit are a bonus. Everyone has different sized ears. Earbuds with different sized attachments are a sign of quality.

Sound quality can be really good coming out of the small speakers featured in headphones today. Over-the-ear models have an advantage over smaller earbuds in that the speakers are larger. That along with ear cup padding and/or noice-cancelation technology will make for a better experience.

If you're active, then in-ear headphones may provide a better option for you. Portability is key here. Some ear bud batteries can go all day long and even longer with wireless charge cases. Tuck them in your pocket (or your ears) and off you go.

Name brands don't necessarily mean everything: there are some good products available from companies and labels that you may never have heard of. Lastly, make sure you try them out as soon as you get the pair of headphones that you decided on and if you don't like them, send them back.

Are Soundbars Worth It?

Good home audio equipment can last years and even decades if cared for properly. In fact, I personally own and still use a stereo receiver that's over (wait for it) 30 years old. It has held up incredibly well with routine cleaning and making sure it has enough air circulation to dissipate heat.

But, time marches on and when it comes to audio equipment, time sometimes brings with it obsolescence. Even if the gear looks and works like it's brand new, it may not be able to keep up with technology. The manner in which we consume entertainment gets better, stronger, faster.

The main issue is connection ports such as HDMI have gotten so much better. HDMI features audio and video in one cable and the high-definition abilities it brings is amazing.

So that great (and expensive) receiver you picked up in 1995 won't have the right connection ports and it certainly won't be capable of wireless anything. Soundbars are a good solution to upgrade your gear without spending a lot of discretionary income.

You can get better audio with a soundbar than you might think. Plus, soundbars are smaller and portable. They're a lot cheaper than traditional receiver and speaker sets, too.

On top of that, soundbars are tailor-made to stream video and audio content at a moment's notice and feature simple means of connection. Want to stream that latest Lizzo track? Turn on Bluetooth, connect, and hit play. Easy.

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