NordicTrack Cyber Monday Deal: Save $600 Off Commercial Studio Bikes

nordictrack cyber monday deal


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If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to save big on a home spin bike, don’t pass up this deal to save up to $600 off these popular home studio bikes. The Commercial S22i Studio Cycle (2022 Model) is $600 less than usual, which drops the price to just $899! It’s the lowest this year.

The bike with the smaller screen, Commercial S15i Studio Cycle, is also $600 off, which drops the price to just $699.

Want to learn more about the NordicTrack spin bike? Read our in-depth comparison to learn more about how it stacks up against the MYX and Peloton bikes.

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Save $600 Off 2022 NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle (Now $899)

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Buy The NordicTrack Studio Bike

NordicTrack’s updated Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is on sale for Cyber Monday. Grab the latest model for $600 off, which is a steep 50% discount. An upgraded HD touchscreen display with an improved graphics processor offers a next-level home cycling experience. The latest model features a quieter incline motor and Bluetooth headphone connectivity so that you can ride along without disturbing others.

The NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle is also on sale right now. You can grab the bike with the smaller screen for $600 off, which drops the price down to just $699. It’s a great deal on a bike that’s loaded with features. Both models share the same components, and your riding experience will be identical except for the smaller display.

NordicTrack Vs. Peloton: Which Is Better?

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Buy The Peloton Bike

Not only are these two bikes close competitors, but they’re also both on sale this Cyber Monday. You can currently grab the Peloton for $300 less than usual. Although the discount isn’t as steep, it’s exciting since we rarely see the Peloton bike on sale.

The virtual home fitness trend has been booming recently, thanks in large part to Peloton. When gyms and studios unexpectedly shuttered, it was Peloton’s renowned instructors and classes that kept most of us in shape.

Peloton is still an industry leader, especially when it comes to the quality of its classes and instructors. I’ve tried just about every interactive spin bike out there, and keep returning to Peloton for its top-notch content.

However, there are also many other great options out there. Peloton does a great job of covering the basics, but bikes like the NordicTrack Studio also have lots to offer. The Studio bikes have rotating HD touchscreen displays. You can just tap the screen to control the content and easily swivel the screen 360 degrees for workouts off the bike – a feature that Peloton bikes currently lack.

Another unique Studio Cycle feature is its enhanced automatic trainer control. That means the trainer adjusts the resistance so that you can stay focused on the class, not the callouts. It’s especially useful during segments like sprints and hill climbs, when adjusting the tension is less than convenient. There are 24 resistance levels, compared to the 100 micro-adjustable levels on the Peloton.

NordicTrack Vs. Bowflex: Which Is Best?

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Right now, you can get the 16″ Bowflex VeloCore for $1,400 (save $399). The 22″ Bowflex VeloCore has a bigger display.

You can stream popular third-party apps like Zwift and Peloton on the VeloCore. You can also watch Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu on the Bowflex bike. The VeloCore also sways side to side with the push of a knob, so you can engage more muscles and burn more calories.