Powerbeats Pro Black Friday Deal: Save $100

Powerbeats Pro Black Friday Deal


Grab The Powerbeats Pro Deal Here

Black Friday is the perfect time to get the headphones you want for less. And with $100 off the asking price, this Black Friday Powerbeats pro deal is simply too good to pass up.

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With the $100 off, this brings the Powerbeats Pro down to $149.95, which, if you ask me, is a steal given how great they are.

What Are the Powerbeats Pro

In short, the Powerbeats Pro are a set of high-performance wireless earphones geared towards gym-goers, though you don’t need to be a gym rat to enjoy these earphones.

The idea here is that these are earphones made with movement in mind. Each earphone is adjustable, and the hooks are designed to stay put thanks to multiple ear tip options. In short, if you move, they’ll move with you.

For the gym-goers out there, the Powerbeats Pro also features a reinforced design resistant to sweat and water. They’re perfect for those long workouts.

Powerbeats Pro Battery Life

If you’re using the Powerbeats Pro for workouts or a commute to work and back, you’re looking at around nine hours of continuous playback and 24 hours if you factor in the charging case.

It’s not an amazing amount of battery life but it is enough to get by, and it’s understandable Apple would opt for a smaller battery to avoid weighing down the frame. Any extra weight could, potentially, affect the Powerbeats’ ability to stay attached.

What Comes In the Box?

Powerbeats Pro Black Friday deal 2


The full contents of this pack are the Powerbeats Pro, a charging case, ear tips with four different sizes, a lightning to USB-A charging cable, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

It’s also worth pointing out for those unaware, the Powerbeats Pro do in fact work on Android systems. They’re not locked into the Apple ecosystem.

What Color Options Are Available

The Powerbeats Pro comes in three colors – black, ivory, and navy. The ivory is very close to Apple’s rose gold, by the way. And yes, all three are on offer for Black Friday.

Will They Be Cheaper Between Black Friday and Christmas?

This is a hard one to say for certain, but going based on previous years, Black Friday is generally the best time to pick up most things. I cover a lot of tech and toys, and they’re always at the most affordable during Black Friday. That’s not to say there won’t be deals in December, but those deals normally pale in comparison.

You also run the risk of delayed shipping if you wait until December. If you’re unsure about whether you want them, by all means wait. But if you want it the cheapest it will most likely be, or if it’s a gift for a family member or friend, I’d definitely recommend picking it up today rather than waiting if you want to avoid several headaches.

What If You’re Not a Gym Person?

If you don’t think you’ll get the most out of this style of headphones, you’re in luck, because the Apple Airpods Pro are currently on offer for Black Friday as well.

The deal above sees the AirPods Pro with a saving of $70, which, given the obscene tech inside of them, is one heck of a deal.

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