Breakthrough Band: Azari & III

Azari & IIIInformation on the Toronto based house production duo Azari & III seems to be sparse around the web. And that’s after two very successful club track single releases (‘Hungry For The Power’ and ‘Reckless (With Your Love)’), countless mentions in ‘Best of 2009’ and ‘Ones to watch in 2010’ lists and both tracks still being among many DJ’s most effective records right now. In the fast-moving world of club music, it’s probably safe to say these tracks are classics by now, appealing to listeners from all scenes and all ages.

The sound of Azari & III is strongly inspired by the early days of house music and backed up with lyrics and aesthetically pleasing videos dripping of hedonism, pure sex and creepiness, resulting in an audial and visual experience that is both blazing hot and freezing cold, like a sleazy drugged up sexual encounter at an illegal factory rave party. And while combined ‘art and music collectives’ usually make me throw up because the music part usually suffers and I don’t even know if Azari & III is meant to be such a collective, it’s a fact that they seriously kill it on both fronts.

Watch the all new video to ‘Manhooker’ right here, head over to Youtube for the clip to ‘Hungry For The Power’ (which is a censored version as the original cut was obviously too problematic) and look forward to their upcoming new single ‘Indigo’ on the recently reborn cult Chicago house label Trax.

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