Rock Band 3 Finally Announced

1268201090_rb3.jpgVia Twitter comes word at long last of Rock Band 3. Many, myself included, have begun to wonder if there was actually going to be a third installment of the franchise proper (well, fourth if you include the Beatles games, fifth if you include the PSP outing, or sixth if you include the iPhone app?), considering how the music genre has definitely cooled off as of late. Due mostly to the fact that approximately thirty-seven Guitar Heroes came out last month alone! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyhow, other than it’s coming, there has been no solid info, though last I heard, George Harrison’s kid (whom many might recall as being the one that helped to make the Beatles game happen in the first place) is heavily involved in this project as well, and will make the experience closer to actual guitar playing than anything before. Which doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Also, somewhat closer to that other game that just got announced, though they claim that there’s no actual music playing in their game. Perhaps they came to their senses after the controller was designed?

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