Metroid: The Very Best That Fandom Has To Offer, Part 1

So for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be taking a extensive look at all the wonderful things that devotees of Metroid have to offer, whether it be fan art, cosplay, or wacky YouTube videos. First up…

There’s tons of fan art surrounding the franchise, and for fairly obvious reasons: the star, Samus Aran, has a kick-ass looking intergalactic bounty hunter suit, and is fairly easy on the eye when she’s not in it. Easily one of the most recognizable pieces is the following, from Ivan Flores.

It’s been linked to about a billion times on Kotaku, Gaming Age Forums, and all the other usual places. And here it is now. Oh hey, another extremely familiar piece from the guy!

And here’s a third that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the other two, for perhaps obvious reasons (and which I personally believe is the most interesting of the three).

Be sure to check out the originals in their full-sized glory at his homepage.

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