Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray


This week produces a promising bounty for our DVD and Blu-Ray players. We have a horrible Mr. & Mrs. Smith ripoff in Killers, but after that we have two films that were unfairly overlooked at the box office that hopefully will be found now that they are being released for sale and rental, and a documentary that most people have never heard of that I wanted to shine a light on. Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved.

Killers – Who were the ad wizards who thought this was a good idea? Well, I guess depending on what the budget was, I could see it being greenlit. Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl meet cute while on vacation, marry quick, and when they get back home she find out he is an assassin. On top of that, their new next door neighbors may be out to kill them. Made cheap enough, it’s the kind of wacky comedy that you dump in March and try to make a few bucks off, everyone goes home happy at the end of the day. The only problem is, Heigl and Kutcher don’t come cheap. So, you have a budget of $75 million only bringing in $45 million at the box office. To make matters worse, who even remembers this movie? Seriously, have you heard your mom or sister say, “Man, when is Killers coming out on DVD?” The anticipation hasn’t exactly been building. Here’s a clip from the movie to refresh your memory.

Solitary Man – Ah, the first movie of 2010 that was supposed to get Michael Douglas an Oscar nod. Oh well, there’s always Wall Street 2. In Solitary Man, Douglas plays a man who can’t help but destroy everything in his personal and business life. Aided by an outstanding supporting cast (Danny DeVito, Susan Sarandon, Jenna Fischer, Jesse Eisenberg), this was originally going to get a major roll out across the US, but it fell victim to the “no one wants to see a cast over the age of 25” curse. Give it a shot, no one plays a scumbag like Douglas. Check out the trailer here.

MacGruber – One of the most surprising bombs of the year. Acclaimed at multiple early screenings by critics and crowds alike, it seemed that this was primed to be a sleeper hit. Instead, it was out of theaters in a matter of just a couple of weeks. With great performances by Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe, and Maya Rudolph, MacGruber stars Will Forte as the titular character, called back into action to save the US from a madman bent on Washington, D.C. with a stolen nuclear warhead. Worth a rental. Hell, if you’re in college, worth buying. Watch the red band trailer in all it’s NSFW glory here.

Blood Into Wine – Maynard James Keenan doesn’t let anyone into his personal life. This documentary is an inside look at one of rock’s most mysterious figures as he enters the prestigious and prejudiced world of winemaking. Sounds boring? Only if you want it to be. Includes extended interviews and never before seen concert footage.