Metroid: The Very Best That Fandom Has To Offer, Part 5

Okay, we’ve seen plenty of visual evidence that Metroid fans are some of the most diehard-est out there, but how about some audio?

I would have to assume that game music remixes (which for the uninitiated, and as the name implies, are classic tunes from whatever video game reinterpreted, usually with “real” instruments) were around before 1999/2000, but the advent of mp3s was surely what made the scene explode. That’s around the time I discovered the scene myself; I’d spend endless hours tying up my roommate’s 56k modem by downloading revamped Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, and… yes, Metroid tunes.

The soundtracks to the original games are simply amazing, so it’s hardly a shock that it’s been a strong source of inspiration for budding musicians. Hell, there’s even an entire cover band dedicated to the series, called Metroid Metal, though I can’t say I’m a fan; their takes on the source material simply have too much going on and obscure the elements that make the original compositions so awe inspiring.

But there’s still plenty of excellent alternatives. The following are favorites of mine, from the golden age of the OC Remix, the original hub for game remixers (and a place I used to frequent before I officially became bored of the 20,000th Chrono Trigger and discovered the next logical step in such music: chiptunes).

Samus Strut by AmIEviL:

‪Metroid ‬by ‪efsisos‬:

Super Metroid Brinstar (Dreams in Red) by Beatdrop, Children of the Monkey Machine, K. Praslowicz:

One Girl in All the World by The Wingless:

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