New Michael Jackson Game Looks, Not Surprisingly, Horrible

It’s no big secret that Ubisoft will probably make a good chunk of change from the upcoming Michael Jackson: The Experience, and one can only guess how much they themselves spent to secure the license from his family (a clan that’s been fairly established as being quite money hungry themselves). Though you would think there would be some money left over for the game itself, because the game looks like total ass. I mean, come on:

There are just so many things wrong with these screenshots that I don’t even know where to begin. I love how MJ is always wearing his trademark single, glittery glove… which he only wore during his “Thriller” phase. Perhaps there’s a gameplay reason? Games based upon a license in which its clear that the creators have zero familiarity with the subject matter is somewhat dime a dozen these days, but Jesus Christ, this is Michael Jackson we’re talking about.

The trailer is just as heavy-handed as one would expect and hardly features the game, but instead some blonde chick playing the game, because we all know Michael Jackson loved girls.