These Go to 11 Awards: Top Gaming Tributes

These Go to 11 Awards: Top Gaming Tributes

Whether it be folks making movies based on their games, performing a rap about one’s love for gaming, creating an animated short, or dressing up as their favorite characters and accosting strangers on the street… There’s many way to show’s one gaming colors, and the following are the eleven best examples. More than anything else, kids, if you’re going to try this at home, make sure you have a camera handy.

The game loving dudes from SoCal built a name for themselves for their brilliant parodies of games, which often involved innocent bystanders. And this one is easily one of their best yet.

If only video game characters were real. There’s no doubt that watching them washed up and living together under the same roof, for the sake of the almighty dollar, would be pretty much the best thing ever.

His name is Lil B and he’s fast becoming the biggest thing on the underground rap circuit, and will no doubt make the mainstream sooner or later. Check out the song that put him on many maps earlier this year (like here at Heavy).

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