These Go to 11 Awards: Top Gaming Tributes

Nintendo recently laid out an official timeline for all its Zelda games, which is nice and all, but it still isn’t as satisfying at the solution offered above.

iCEnhancer 1.3 Alpha – Raw footage with FrapsFacebook page :

Like seriously, I could care less about Rockstar’s idea of L.A. Just let me keep their take on NYC, along with regular updates from the modding community.

For those bored to death of classic games being re-envisioned as a live action flick from X decade, just know that this one kicks off with the Orion Pictures Release opener. Nuff said?

In rare instances, a person will enjoy a particular character so much, like Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 in this particular case, that they will take total ownership of said personality. And the results can sometimes be quite amazing.

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