Skyrim COPS, Because Even Mythological Kingdoms Have Meth Heads

COPS: Skyrim – Season 1: Episode 1From creator @bryan_basham, producer of the viral "Death and Return of Superman", comes COPS: Skyrim – the weekly Elder Scrolls equivalent of the long running TV series. New episodes to air weekly on Wednesdays! See more from @bryan_basham and Adjacent Studios: Like us on facebook: Check out Bryan Basham's soon to come YouTube…2012-08-22T14:30:11.000Z

Shooting fire at birthday parties, harlots roaming the countryside, it’s just another day in the life of Skyrim Cops. Somebody’s gotta keep the taxpayers safe from vagrants and drunken cart drivers.

Kudos to Nerdist for an original take on material that’s been beaten to death at this point.

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