Eric Stonestreet: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Fresh from the Emmys, Eric Stonestreet is the recipient of the Best Supporting Actor for comedy. Here’s what you should know about this rising comedy star.

1. He Plays Cameron Tucker on Modern Family

2. He’s from Kansas City

Stonestreet's Fizbo the Clown

Not only that, but when he was young he wanted to be a clown and at the age of 9 created the clown character “Fizbo” — a recurring character he brings to life from time to time on Modern Family.

3. He Was a Pig Farmer
Graduating from Piper High School and Kansas State University in 1996, Stonestreet spent his early years on a family farm before making the leap to showbiz.

4. He Planned to be a Prison Administrator
While studying to be a prison administrator, Stonestreet tried out for the play Prelude to a Kiss and unwittingly launched his acting career. Though cast in the smallest role in the play, he was “bitten by the bug” and began taking his career as an actor seriously.

5. It’s His Second Emmy in a Row
First receiving an Emmy in the 2011 awards, Stonestreet came back for a second year in a row to collect an Emmy for his role in Modern Family.

6. He’s Not Really Gay
Jokingly referring to himself as “openly straight,” Stonestreet has made a reputation for himself as one of the mostly openly gay people on Modern Family. In real life, though, he is absolutely not and actually models his character on Modern Family after his mother.

7. He’s a Huge Hockey Fan
Stonestreet is a die-hard L.A. Kings Fan. He also plays the drums, loves driving and nature and is an amateur photographer. He brings his drum savvy to Modern Family, showcasing his skills as a “fill-in drummer.”

8. He’s Been on Dharma & Greg, Malcolm in the Middle, Party of Five, Spin City, ER, The West Wing, American Dad, Providence, Close to Home, Crossing Jordan and Bones

Most notably he appeared again and again on the original CSI as the “questionable documents tech” Ronnie Litre.

9. His Career Began in Chicago
There he spent two years doing improv, theater and television commercials while studying with IO Chicago and Second City.

10. He Held Movie Roles in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous and IFC’S cult classic Girls Will Be Girls

In Almost Famous he was Sheldon, the hotel desk clerk. Girls Will Be Girls was a selection in the Sundance Film Festival.

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