‘Fargo’ TV Show Coming to FX with Coen Brothers’ Blessing

Fargo TV Show

FX has announced that it is developing a Fargo TV show with the Coen Brothers’ blessing (who will also be on board as executive producers). Will it be great? Will it be terrible? Really, this show could be one of the best in TV history or an epic, high-profile failure on the level of Moonlighting after Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd got together.

This actually isn’t the first attempt at a Fargo TV series. An Edie Falco-starring, Kathy Bates-directed pilot was shot in 1997 but never made it beyond that. That was made completely without the Coen Brothers and was only finally aired in 2003. That version was decently reviewed.

This new version has the Coens on board and is being made by FX, which has a terrifyingly terrific track record despite recent decisions to give Charlie Sheen and Russell Brand TV shows. (We’ve all made mistakes we’re not proud of. I’ll chalk those two up to FX having a night out where they overdo it on the drinking, vomit all over themselves, and wake up in a dumpster covered in what they hope to be their own urine.).

The new Fargo TV series is being written by Noah Hawley, who created a TV cop drama called The Unusuals, starring Amber Tamblyn and Jeremy Renner. I haven’t seen that show, so I don’t really know what he can do. If he has the ability to deliver on his end, it seems like this show has too much pedigree to fail. So, even though I generally think TV show adaptations are a terrible idea, this seems like it could work and I have high hopes.

Please, don’t make me regret this, FX.

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