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    Will J.J. Abrams destroy Star Wars with too many lens flares? Maybe. Here's how he might go about that.

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    What exactly are they up to at Microsoft's headquarters? Is Bill Gates eating people? Maybe that's why he had to retire, not enough people to eat through IE.

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  • Rush Limbaugh in Favor of Black People Shooting Police Officers

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  • WATCH: Taiwanese Animation Takes on the Manti Te’o Scandal

    The only people qualified to attack this Manti Te'o hoax with the gravitas it deserves are finally on the case. Godspeed, Taiwanese animators, godspeed.

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  • PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed

    Justin Bieber smokes weed! Squeaky Clean no more! See the photos inside!

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  • Subway Murderer Charged With Hate Crime

  • Lawyer Trying to Sue Connecticut for $100M Over Sandy Hook Massacre

  • Two Rocket Launchers Turned in at Los Angeles Gun Buyback

  • Japanese Porn Star Collects Twitter’s Semen

    A Japanese porn star got 100 bottles of semen from her Twitter followers. Now that's what I call a sticky situation.

  • Xavier to Auction Sandy Hook Jerseys for Newtown Charity

  • US Ambassador to Finland’s Christmas Card Kicks Major Ass

  • Gangnam Style Hit One Billion Views, The Internet Has Eaten Itself

  • New York Post NRA Cover Tipping Point for Gun Control

  • Ghostbusters-Inception Mash-Up is Why the Internet was Created

    Ghostbusters is one of the best movies of all time! How can you possibly make it better? Add a little Inception spice.