Is This New Bentley The Most Technologically Adept Car Ever?

Have you ever wanted a car so technologically advanced that you’d never need to go to your office? You can just sit in your driveway and conduct your business like the boss you wanna be?

Well Bentley has heard your demands—or dreams—and made a vehicle with so much gadgetry that it would give the Batmobile a run for it’s money.

The car’s called the Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept, and it’s a made-to-order Bentley with all the fixin’s of a nuclear war room.
Here are the goodies…

➢ Two iPads with keyboards that fold out of the backseat tray-tables.
➢ A 15.6-inch high-definition TV that’s hooked up to an Apple hard drive and packs the processing power of a MAC computer.
➢ Small TV screens built into the headrests.
➢ Built-in Wi-Fi (that, in itself, is pretty exciting).
➢ Champagne flutes
➢ In-car fridge
➢ P***y Magnets

The car is made for those super-powered executives on-the-go who necessitate the ability to conduct their clandestine business practices wherever they are. In other words, this is a traveling evil lair of epic proportions.

How much does this thing cost?

Other than your soul, it’ll set you back around $400,000, and your first newborn.