Rolling Stones Concert Review: Newark, NJ 12-13-12

Was it 1978 last night? The Stones made their first appearance of two at Newark’s Prudential Center Thursday night, bringing with them a rousing show spanning their celebratory 50 year career.

The show opened with a parade of drummers wearing masks of the Rolling Stone’s anniversary gorilla, hyping up the crowd as they marched into the arena. As their drumming came to a climax Mick and Co. took to the stage, launching into “Get Off of My Cloud.” Mick Jagger and the band seemed especially excited to be in New Jersey, addressing the crowd on the region’s perseverance following hurricane Sandy and recounting one of their first times playing the Garden State back in 1965.

the rolling stones, newark nj

Concert goers were treated to a rollicking hour and 45 minute concert from a band that brought more energy to the stage than current acts 40 years younger. Jagger strutted around the iconic Rolling Stones tongue shaped stage nearly non-stop throughout entire show, playing off the crowd and slinking back to dance around his mischievous grinning gunslingers Kieth Richards and Ronnie Wood. Aside from the quick shirt change or occasional crowd talk, Mick kept the show moving along at a quick pace, moving from one hit to another.

Opening act John Mayer joined the band on stage to play guitar for “Respectable”, but the real special guest highlight of the night was former guitarist Mick Taylor playing with his old bandmates on “Midnight Rambler.”

Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor
Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards stepped back a bit for this one and let Mick have the spotlight, bringing the song to a bluesy interlude before launching it back up again for a thunderous finale.

As drummer Charlie Watts led the band into the final two songs of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “Satisfaction”, the New Jersey crowd showed their appreciation for a stellar performance from a band that could never be accused of “going through the motions”, at least not that night, anyway. It was a 50th birthday celebration that only the Stones could pull off.


Get Off of My Cloud

The Last Time

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

Paint It Black

Gimme Shelter

Respectable (with John Mayer)

Wild Horses

Around and Around

Doom and Gloom

One More Shot

Miss You

Honky Tonk Women

Before They Make Me Run


Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

Start Me Up

Tumbling Dice

Brown Sugar

Sympathy for the Devil


You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Choir of Trinity Wall Street)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash