The 10 Most Ridiculous Justin Bieber Grammy Snub Tweets


The world stands still as the Grammy nominations were announced and Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found on the list. First, Justin’s manager Scooter Braun took to Twitter to rally the Bieber army:

Then, Beliebers did what they do best and tweeted en masse to express their outrage. Here are the 10 best tweets that Bieber fans could produce through their tears.

Cunt shower. Intense.

The Grammys are definitely crying right now.

He is so much batter than this.

They are so blind!

Grammy Winning Planet Earth sounds so much better than just plain Earth.

Is she kidding? This is so much worse than another World War.

She’s done. Now we’re f*cked.

She’s right, a life without Justin Bieber winning a Grammy is just not worth living.

That “Have a good day :),” is really hitting the Grammys where it hurts.

I predict this person will not live to see tomorrow.

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