Jesse Heiman: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Jesse Heiman, Go Daddy, Bar Refaeli

Following the Super Bowl, you know him as the geek who kissed super model Bar Rafaeli in a very graphic Go Daddy commercial, but what you don’t know is that with an impressive resume, you’ve probably seen him in movies a hundred times. His name is Jesse Heiman and here’s what you need to know about the guy who kissed a super model in front of 111 million viewers.

1. Jesse Heiman Kisses Super Model Bar Refaeli in a Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad

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One of the most memorable commercials of this year’s Super Bowl was the Go Daddy ad featuring Sports Illustrated super model Bar Refaeli locking lips with geek “Walter,” boasting that the website hosting service is a mix of sexy and smart, making the perfect combination. The commercial debuted during the first quarter of the second most-watched television event to 111 million viewers worldwide. Since the ad aired, model-kisser Jesse Heiman has skyrocketed from “that guy in the background” to instant fame.

2. He’s The World’s Greatest Extra

World's Greatest ExtraDo you recognize this brilliant actor? Well you should. In fact, according to the myth he appears in every movie and tv-show ever created. I found a few of them.2011-03-14T15:18:20.000Z

A Youtube video was made last year dubbing Heiman as The World’s Greatest Extra. He’s been creeping in the background of countless movies for years, and you’ve most likely have seen him a hundred times before the Go Daddy commercial without even knowing it–and when I say a hundred, I’m not exaggerating. With cameos as an extra in popular movies and television shows such as American Pie, The Social Network, Transformers, How I Met Your Mother and many many more, Heiman has lost track of how many he’s been in.

I’m not even sure the exact number. It’s above 100 TV shows and maybe 40 or 50 movies,” Heiman said in an interview with Time. “It’s amazing, most actors don’t get to be in that many films, but as an extra you can be in as many films as you want, until people recognize you too much and then you can’t be in [the background].”

3. His Agent’s Phone Has Been Ringing Off the Hook

“There are lots of inquiries coming in to my agent and manager, their phone has been ringing off the hook, but they are really letting me enjoy the moment right now,” Heiman said.

4. Guys Want to BE Him

5. Girl’s WANT Him

Not only do guys envy him for making out with Refaeli, but girls want him. Heiman told TMZ that the ad changed his life. Since the commercial, his Twitter account has been getting flooded by girls with a new-found attraction towards the “geek.” Even outside of cyberspace, girls everywhere are stopping him to take pictures.

6. USA Today Called the Kiss Gross and Disturbing
But not everyone liked the kiss:

“Go Daddy’s first-quarter commercial is already igniting social media and leaving the rest of us clutching our stomachs,” Chris Chase of USA Today Sports writes. “It’s gross, disturbing and probably a massively successful method of bolstering Go Daddy’s name recognition.”

7. He Had to Kiss a Blow Up Doll

Blow Up Doll, Go Daddy Ad, Jesse Heiman

“They had me audition with a bunch of people, and in the first audition they had us kissing a blow up doll,” Heiman said. “And the doll had a name: Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, it was a good time.”

8. And a Stand-In for the Model
After Heiman passed the blow-up doll test, he was called back and had to impress a stand-in for the Sports Illustrated super model. The stand-in said that Heiman was her favorite out of the auditions and the most memorable.

“That was pretty flattering right there,” Heiman said, “and the girl’s married.”

Refaeli even praised him for his kissing skills.

9. Filming the Kiss Took Over 45 Takes

Jesse Heiman, Bar Refaeli, Go Daddy Commercial

Jesse Heiman got to kiss Bar Refaeli… OVER 45 TIMES.

Heiman caked on loads of lip balm for the kiss. He said it was awkward at first, but the two eventually got into the rhythm of things. To get the perfect kiss, it took over 45 takes.

10. He’s Single
For all you geek lovers out there, Heiman’s single and clearly an experienced kisser. Get ‘im, girls!

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