Alexis DeJoria: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

jesse james new wife

Television personality Jesse James — known primarily for blatantly cheating and single-handedly ruining his relationship with actress Sandra Bullock — has a new lady … again. The man who went from being married to a stripper/porn star to an Academy Award winner has tied the knot for the fourth time with drag racer Alexis DeJoria. Here’s what you need to know about the new Mrs. James.

1. Her Dad is a Billionaire Who Owns Patrón

jesse james new wife

John Paul DeJoria went from living in his car along L.A.’s Sunset Strip to lording over a haircare and alcohol empire. In 1980, the Navy vet teamed up with Paul Mitchell to launch a shampoo company with a $700 investment. DeJoria sold product door-to-door. He struck gold again launching premium tequila maker Patron Spirits with Martin Crowley in 1989.

2. She’s a Pro Drag Racer

jesse james new wife alexis dejoria

She is one of the top female drag racers in the country and was the second woman to win a national event in the top alcohol division. She now competes in the faster nitro division. DeJoria is one of a handful of women who have competed in drag racing since Shirley Muldowney, who started as a street racer in the late 1950s

3. She Infamously Crashed Her Car During a Race

Alexis Dejoria Crash At English town 2009 Drag RacingAlexis Dejoria Crash At English town 2009 Drag Racing2009-06-26T06:06:51.000Z

DeJoria suffered a close call in 2009 while racing in Englishtown, New Jersey. Her brakes went out and her parachutes ripped off, making it impossible to stop as her car that exceeded 200 mph. The car went over the sand pit at the end of the track and landed on its roof.

3. She Has a Radio Show

jesse james new wife alexis dejoria show

Alexis hosts a weekly radio show where she interviews racing personalities.

4. Her Dad’s Tequila Company is Her Sponsor

jesse james new wife alexis dejoria

Patrón is a brand of tequila products produced in Mexico by the Patrón Spirits Company and owned by Alexis’ father. Alexis proudly branded her company with Patrón imagery.

5.She Tied the Knot With James in Malibu


The wedding took place at the home of the bride’s father, with the ceremony taking place around 5 p.m. under an altar overlooking the ocean. The nuptials were planned by Mindy Weiss and Revelry Event Designers. James’ daughters were flower girls.

6. James and DeJoria Began Dating in September 2012

Kat von D tattoo james jesse

The new couple started hooking up only one year after the motorcycle mogul ended his engagement to celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D. The on again off again relationship with L.A Ink reality star finally ended in 2012. Kat Von D, who has tattooed James’ fifth grade school portrait went through laser treatment to remove it. James’ ex shared the process on her twitter – posting pictures of the disappearing tattoo.

7. She’s Not a Party Girl

jesse james new wife alexis dejoria

It would have been easy for the heir to a billion-dollar empire to follow in her father’s footsteps or spend his money partying with Hollywood celebrities. She instead relocated to Gainesville, Florida, to attend Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, the preferred school for school for apprentice drag racers.

8. She Kept Her Family Name a Secret

alexis dejoria john paul dejoria

Alexis DeJoria with her billionaire father John Paul DeJoria

Wanting to be taken seriously by drag racers, DeJoria chose to keep her family name out of the sport at first. In an interview with the Washington Post, DeJoria said:

Because that can definitely throw fog in the mix. People get clouded visions of you and they think that you are something that you’re not. I could be perceived as the Paris Hilton of drag racing, but that’s just not my style. I wanted to prove myself as a driver. Not just a female driver, but a driver. And I think I’ve done that.

9. She Has a 10-Year-Old Daughter

Jesse James; kids used to live with Sandra Bullock.

Jesse James’ kids used to live with Sandra Bullock.

DeJoria has a pre-teen daughter named Isabella who is now step-sister to Jesse’s three kids. He has a daughter and a son with his first wife, Karla, and a daughter with his second wife, stripper/porn star/producer Janine Lindemulder.

10. Hobbies Include Sky-Diving

jesse james new wife alexis dejoria

As stated on her profile on the National Hot Rod Association page, her hobbies include snowboarding, riding dirt bikes, skydiving, and watching movies

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