Tamar Braxton: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Tamar Braxton Pregnant

Tamar Braxton told Good Morning America on Wednesday that she is expecting her first child in just a few months, and the reality TV star’s bombshell announcement thrust her into the celebrity spotlight.

While she’s the hot topic, here’s what you should know about Tamar and her pregnancy.

1. Tamar Instagramed Her Baby Bump

Tamar's Instagram

Even before her pregnancy announcement on GMA, Braxton posted pictures of her baby bump on her Instagram account. She was shown showing off her figure wearing a dress from Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo shoes. She had a couple of pictures taken only of her and some with her husband Vincent Herbert.

2. Her Due Date is This Summer

Tamar's Pregnancy

As far as a due date, Tamar Braxton told GMA that she’s “almost there.” In other words, she only has a few months left until her child is born. She confirmed her pregnancy to the morning news program, referencing a song from Beyonce, saying, “I have a love on top. I’m pregnant.”

3. The Father is Hubby Vince Herbert

Tamar and Vince

Tamar Braxton’s pregnancy would mark as her first child since being married to Vince Herbert, a record producer for many artists like Lady Gaga and the late Aaliyah.

4. The Couple Married in 2008

Tamar and Vince's Wedding

Tamar and Vince started dating in 2003, when they both worked with her sister Toni Braxton on her albums. A close friend to Toni, Vince married Tamar in the fall of 2008. Their wedding photos were on pages of many tabloid magazines and was shown in the premiere of Braxton Family Values.

5. Her Hubby is a Music Mogul

Vincent Herbert

Tamar’s husband Vince Herbert worked previously with Toni Braxton as her manager. He founded Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records, where Tamar works. He’s a songwriter, record producer, and record executive for the label, working with artists like Tatyana Ali, Destiny’s Child, JoJo, and even his wife Tamar.

6. She Stars in Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

Tamar Braxton currently stars in the WE TV reality show Braxton Family Values. The show focuses on Tamar and her family as viewers get a glimpse inside the lives of the Braxton sisters as their family drama unfolds. She is described as “The Diva” on the show, who shows her support to her family and is very outspoken when it comes to family relationships. The reality show airs its third season starting March 14.

7. She Had Her Own Spin-off with Vince 

Tamar and Vince Show

Tamar also stars in a spin-off series with her husband called Tamar & Vince. The series follows Tamar’s road to stardom as well as her ups and downs in her marriage with Vince. The show premiered in September 2012 and was renewed for a second season, according to Tamar’s Twitter.

8. She Rose to Fame Singing for The Braxtons

The Braxtons

Tamar started her singing career as a member of her sisters’ group The Braxtons. As the youngest member, she sang in the background in most of The Braxtons’ albums. She became a backup singer with her sisters while Toni Braxton headlined most of their shows. After Toni left in 1991 to pursue a solo career, The Braxtons continued to perform and record albums until Traci Braxton left to group in 1995 to become a youth counselor. After their last album So Many Ways, the group split after Tamar signed to DreamWorks Records in 1998.

9. She Tried to be a Solo Artist

Tamar Braxton

After leaving the group, Tamar pursued a solo career working at Dreamworks Records. Her first attempt was when she was working on her debut album Ridiculous. The album had two singles, “Let Him Go” and “Just Cuz” that didn’t gain enough attention in the airwaves, so the album was pushed back and cancelled. After shelving the album, the label added more tracks and renamed the album Tamar.

The album failed to reach an audience after it released in 2000. Since then, she worked with her sister Toni on most of her albums. She tried to relaunch her solo career with a second album Love and War after signing with Casablanca Records in 2004, but left the label after having trouble completing it. In 2010, she signed with Universal Records and released a single “The Heart in Me,” which was included in a compilation album Adidas  2: The Music. She was also a background vocalist in Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way.”

10. Tamar is Releasing a New Album

Tamar Braxton Love and War

Tamar signed with her husband’s label Streamline Records and is working on finishing her second album Love and War. The first single “Love and War” was released in December 2012 and topped the iTunes charts, debuting at No. 3. The single reached No. 57 on the Billboard Hot 100 during its debut. Her new single “The One” will release this month and her album will be out April 16, according to Epic Records, which she signed with ahead of her album release.

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