Dancing With The Stars: 4/22/13 Live Blog

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Is everyone ready for DWTS tonight? I’m looking forward to #TeamPicklerDick, Bruno’s usual outrageous rants, and more!

Go Stevie!! 8:03pm

Derek’s lookin’ yummy and lovin the Kellie weave. 8:04pm

Likin’ Karina’s low-cut yellow number tonight. 8:05pm

Hi, Vally baby! 8:07pm

Excited for Stevie Wonder’s song for Val and Zendaya… Love this song!!!!!!!!!!! 8:08pm

Val’s body waves are on fire tonight. 8:08pm

My one word to describe dancing was actually Val, but Len’s close enough…. 8:10pm

Do I Dooooooooooooo……. Yes I do, Val. 8:09pm

29 out of 30…. think anyone else can beat that? 8:12pm

Andy’s up! Yes! A Zorro Flashback! 8:18pm

Signed Sealed Delivered… Andy’ Ours! Check out the latest story on him here: http://heavy.com/entertainment/2013/04/andy-dick-dwts-top-10/ 8:19pm

Go #TeamDick… to my faorite Stevie Wonder song. 8:20pm

Andy’s shakin’ that little tush tonight…. he’s got some good rhythm goin’ on tonight…. 8:20pm

I knew Bruno would love it. 8:21pm

Holy crap… Len’s on Andy Dick’s side? 8:22pm

Uh oh, Sean Lowe… Looks like Andy’ givin’ out the red rose now… 8:24pm

Whoa, Petra’s hair is fried. 8:30pm

Sean’s going away? 8:30pm

Love the Record on the Dance Floor…. and lovin the blue outfits. 8:31pm

Hello, Sean’ Abs…. Did Len just tell Sean to be more like Andy? 8:33pm

Len, I don’t think any of the ladies are upset about him takin off his shirt. 8:34pm

Team Murgalo: Sean Lowe, Sean Lowe Shirtless, DWTS, Dancing WithThe Stars, Petra Murgatroyd, Murgalo 8:41pm

Fox Trot Time. 8:41pm

Loving the Boston shirts, Aly! 8:42pm

Love this song, but not Aly’s dress. 8:44pm

I love when Bruno rolls his R’s…. RRRRRRRRRRRR 8:45pm

9’s all around. Zendaya and Val still in the lead… 8:47pm

Yowza, not bad Stevie…. surrounded by all those sexy women. 8:54pm

Rooting for u guys…. take down Andy, huh? 8:55pm

Holy Sexy Dress on Kym. And, Happy Birthday, Ingo! 8:57pm

Triple 8’s… In the words of Len, Bingo Ingo! 8:59pm

Yes! Dereks Up! 9:00pm

Totally into Kellie’s whole look… and love this song Part Time Love. 9:06pm

Amazing, Derek! Will they beat Zendaya? 9:08pm

Tied!!!!!!!!!!!! A 10 from Len!!!!!!!! 9:11pm

Aw, I just called to say I love you… 9:16pm

Poor Ortiz is healing… work through it… especially with Lindsay’s seriously sexy white outfit. 9:17pm

Uh oh, fumble. 9:18pm

I think Victor may be in the bottom two tomorrow night. 9:18pm

Victor…. 9:21pm

Team Bottom 2 with Victor. 9:22pm

Tony, did I just see you? 9:27pm

Dating With The Stars Site? Hmmmm 9:28pm

Karina’s like a sexy tweety bird. 9:29pm

Uh oh, Jacoby. 9:30pm

I didn’t know people needed their pigeon toes… 9:32pm

Shirtless Team Dancessssss… 9:33pm

There you are, Tony. 9:35pm

Stevie Wonder, DWTS 9:36pm

#StevieonDWTS 9:36pm

Group Time! All 60 year olds? Damn, Zendaya… 9:42pm

Cross your fingers…. 9:44pm

Team Paso should be called Team Shirtless. 9:46pm

DWTS, Team Paso, Dancing With The Stars, Val, Zendaya 9:52pm

OMG Andy Dick’s moustache… can’ take it. 9:54pm

Well, Team Samba’s outfits definitely beat Team Paso… 9:55pm

Woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to TeamPicklerDick! 9:58pm

Derek needs to leave to go build a shelf, so Dat’s all folks… 9:58pm

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