Dancing With The Stars ReCap: Top Ten Highlights

DL Hughley, DL Hughley Revenge, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Whether you tuned in or tuned out, Dancing With The Stars definitely was worth watching tonight. Underdog contestants took control while some of the top scorers lacked in the numbers department. Lisa Vanderpump is sent to the hospital. DL Hughley wants the judges to kiss his butt. Read on for more details on the goods!

1. Lisa Vanderpump Faints

A re-cap of Lisa’s frightening blackout.

Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Vanderpump Faints, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Dancer Gleb walks down the signature DWTS steps without partner Lisa Vanderpump due to her fainting in rehearsals earlier, leaving viewers wondering where Lisa could be. Of course, everyone knew she’d pull through and dance because she’s a determined little thing. #TeamLisa

2. Sean Lowe Kills and Gets Killed

Lowe of Team Murgalo killed it on the dance floor, but, with two lifts in the routine, the lift police left him with a score of 20. Ending up on the lower end of the score spectrum did not appear to sit well with Sean.

3. Jacoby Goes Solo

Unexpectedly, jamming out to country in a solo dance during the fox trot, Jacoby actually was fantastic. “You were trotting at full throttle,” Bruno Tonioli tells Jacoby. Dedicating his performance to his son, Jacoby gave it 150 percent.

4. Carrie Ann Cries

After Andy Dick danced for his 15 year old daugter, judge Carrie Ann was brought to tears. She grabbed Andy and hugged him as she sobbed. This may have overwhelmed Carrie Ann since she lost her father shortly before the season began.

5. Cheryl’s Arm Pit Hair Scares Hughley

Cheryl Burke, DL Hughley, DWTS, Dancing with the Stars

Cheryl may be more horrified than DL.

Okay, Okay. It was fake… but it was still scary.

6. Revenge of DL

Bruno gives DL an extra point for the butt shake he does for the judges… They say the best revenge is to do well. In DL’s case this is completely true. Blowing the audience and judges away with his “F*ck You” dance, he motioned for Len to kiss his butt during his solo dance. The judges ate it up… even Len.

7. Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough Say ‘I Do’

Dedicating her dance with Derek to her husband and their wedding day was special. But, how about Kellie Pickler’s husband writing a song about it, then playing the guitar and singing the song for the performance? I don’t think you can get luckier.

8. Andy Dick Conquers The Floor

First of all, who out there knew Andy Dick had a daughter?! And having a fifteen year-old daughter?! Anyway, as Andy danced for his daughter, his movements became graceful, steps came together, and his performance soared.

9. Announcements Were Made

Duh. So, what’ going on? Both Jennifer Lopez and Brad Paisley are set to perform tomorrow night, so that should pour in viewers. On an amazing note, Derek Hough will be performing in a very inspirational dance tomorrow night. Why is it inspirational? Because he will be paired with a phenomenol dancer who is actually blind.

10. Beyonce’s Baby Takes the Floor

Disney’s Zendaya talks up Beyonce before taking the floor and rocking the house. After dancing her little heart out, the judges bowed down to Zendaya and Carrie Ann referred to her as “Baby Beyonce”.

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