Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Exclusive Interview: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Lauren Weigle, Pawn Stars

( Celebrity Editor Lauren Weigle outside Gold and Silver Pawn)

Upon visiting the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas this past week, I was able to catch up with the exceptional Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. He was nothing short of awesome, with an unintentional charm about him that makes you laugh, smile, and want to hear more. Watch the full interview below or skip right down to the Top 10 Facts I collected from my interview with savvy star Rick Harrison.

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd Has Joined the Pawn Stars Crew

Celebrating the move of Pawn Stars to Thursday nights, Lynyrd Skynyrd swung by the shop’s parking lot to hold a concert for the crew and fans.

Another reason Lynyrd Skynyrd was involved was that Pawn Stars has a new theme song and guess who sings it. That’s right. Lynyrd Skynyrd. The song is called “Winning Isn’t Everything.” Watch the band rock out to it below.

2. Rick Harrison Has Two-Hundred Year Old Japanese Porn

When I asked Harrison what some of the weirdest items he’s purchased were, his first reply was with Japanese porn.

I have some two-hundred year-old Japanese porn. It’s all hand-painted. It’s on a scroll down to every bodily fluid. Everything’s really exaggerated. It’s sort of creepy and then after I bought it, I realized my mother comes into the pawn shop so I couldn’t display it out there.

3. Wedding Bells are Ringing and Love Birds are Singing for Rick

Deanna Burditt, Rick Harrison, Pawn Stars

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While waiting for Harrison, some of his employees wanted me to ask him why he was getting married again, asking me, “Didn’t he learn his lesson?” When I asked Harrison the same question, he had a simple and sweet answer.

I’m in love.

Ya can’t blame the man for that. Harrison’s fiance’ Deanna Burditt will not be on the show… not for any reason other than she’s not into the fame thing. Good for her!

4. Rick Has Smokey and the Bandit’s Car

Smokey and The Bandit, Burt Reynolds, Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison

Smokey and The Bandit, Burt Reynolds, Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison

Look what I found hanging out in the Pawn Stars parking lot.

5. A Man Tried To Sell a Dufflebag of Human Heads to Gold and Silver Pawn

Don’t worry. Harrison didn’t buy the bag… and he may or may not have believed the guy’s story. Harrison joked with me about the origin of the human skulls.

There was a dental school trying to get rid of all its old stuff and he bought it at an auction… That was his story anyway.

6. The Most Expensive Item in the Shop is JFK’s Cigar Box

JFK, Pawn Stars

The item that was the most expensive in the shop used to be a Superbowl ring, but now it is JFK’s cigar box. This prize possession goes for $125,000 at the shop.

7. Harrison is a Chemistry and Physics Buff

After hearing this, I told Harrison I wish I knew him in my college days. Apparently, he loves to go home at the end of the day and curl up with a book on chemistry or physics.

I go home and I read every day…
…I read history and I read chemistry books for fun, and physics books yeah.

Raise your hand if this shocks you.

8. The Back of the Shop is Packed with Obscure Goods

Pawn Stars

Upon being given an exceptional tour of the store’s inventory and the history behind it all, I came across a myriad of fun items in addition to the vast amount of boxes piled to the ceiling. Oh, yeah, and a nice black Bentley. Something tells me Mr. Harrison has dibs on that item though.

Pawn Stars

9. Harrison Likes To Chew His Food Before Signing Autographs

After talking with the humble star, he spoke about how he couldn’t believe how much he gets recognized almost everywhere he goes. One thing he wishes he could change is when he’s out to eat. Harrison loves his fans and appreciates all his Pawn Stars enthusiasts, but would prefer to finish eating his meal so that he’s not taking photos mid-chew.

10. The Man Does Not Watch TV

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Harrison confesses:

I’m a real nerd. I think the Jersey Shore was on TV for about two years before I knew who Snooki was. I don’t watch television even though I’m on television, so I probably should.

Another Pawn Stars member who doesn’t watch TV is the beloved Chumlee.

Chumlee, Pawn Stars