Have you ever wanted to battle the guys from Pawn Stars at a game of trivia? Well, now’s your chance … Check out Pawnography.

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Chumlee from “Pawn Stars” has not passed away, despite the rumor that he died. We have proof that Chumlee is alive and well …

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Olivia Black from “Pawn Stars” will be suing the show for discrimination after being fired from the show.

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DeAnna Burditt tied the knot with Pawn Stars’ big guy Rick Harrison. Check out these ten photos from the wedding, the two of them together, and celebrities congratulating the happy couple.

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DeAnna Burditt married Pawn Stars Rick Harrison yesterday. Chumlee was ring bearer and metal band Steel Panther played. Check out our info on the bride and wedding.

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The History Channel apparently thinks July 4th is a time for our nation to celebrate pawn shops.

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Our exclusive interview with Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars as he talks Lynyrd Skynyrd, what to expect this season, and weird things that pop up in the shop.

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