Alec Baldwin Takes Bigotry Spotlight Off Paula Deen

Alec Baldwin

(Getty images)

Paula Deen may have been labelled a hater for a word she said 27 years ago, but, Alec Baldwin hates everybody! Especially, 2 people in particular.

Make that 3.

According to Fox News, just yesterday Alec got himself into a pickle for blowing up at a journalist from UK Daily Mail — and, rightly so. Number 1 on Alec’s list of hated people is George Stark, who accused Alec’s pregnant wife, Hilaria Baldwin, of disrespectfully tweeting during the ceremony at Soprano star James Gandolfini’s funeral. However, following the incident, he had a field day making homophobic remarks at the journalist over Twitter. Number 2 on Alec’s list of hated people are GAYS. And, we heard no apology from him so far. So, does that make Baldwin the new celebrity bigot?

It seems America’s gaze turned from Paula to Alec when he pulled his anti-gay comment out of the bag. Or, should I say out of the closet. In fact — it seems Paula Deen finally got some media attention out of her hair when Alec stole her celebrity bigotry spotlight. Congrats to Paula..?

We were sort of thinking the same thing.

Meanwhile, do you think there is some reason, other than false accusations against his wife, that made Alec blow up at the reporter? We know James Gandolfini’s death has been hard on everyone, but we wonder if it might be taking an ever more significant toll on Baldwin.