Amanda Bynes Has A Wig-Wearing Imposter On the Loose

Amanda Bynes


According to Amanda Bynes, she has an imposter out on the loose and we must act fast if we want to stop them! reports, Amanda was spotted in Buffalo recently, prowling the streets with her pup while wearing her wig. But, when a photographer confronted Amanda asking why she was there, she responded:

We’re not in Buffalo, and I don’t know who you are… We’re not in Buffalo, New York, dude.

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Someone get this girl a map! Has Amanda’s sanity, or at least her GPS, gone completely out the window?

One theory floating around is that she has an imposter lurking about, impersonating the child star in person as well as on Twitter. Apparently, even Amanda claims this is the case! She recently sent a tweet regarding the alleged wig-wearing copy cat, saying:

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Do you believe her? Or, is someone’s just trying to cover their behind so they don’t have to take responsibility for their recent behavior? Oh, Amanda!

So, in case you were considering giving Amanda the benefit of the doubt… you might not want to be all that generous.

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