America’s Got Talent Season 8 Premiere: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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Get ready to be blown away by this season’s talented contestants, Season 8 of America’s Got Talent premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC. Along with a fresh new group of contestants, there are a few other surprises in store for you… like a couple new high-profile judges who’ve been thrown into the mix. Heidi Klum and Spice Girls’ Melanie B will be getting their feet wet with veteran judges Howie Mandel and Howard Stern on the America’s Got Talent set tonight! Nonetheless, host Nick Cannon will still be running the show.

Find out more must-know information about this season’s America’s Got Talent by checking out our Top 10 Facts below!

1. Heidi Klum and Mel B Chatted Live With Fans Tomorrow Afternoon

Today at 1pm, the two new judges took time out for five lucky fans in order to promote the show and connect with viewers.

2. Sharon Osbourne Has Left America’s Got Talent for the X Factor

Sharon Osbourne, America's Got Talent

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Although the US version’s judges haven’t been announced yet, Simon Cowell has chose the UK version’s judges. Along with Osbourne, Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, and Nicole Scherzinger are taking their seats as judges on the show. You may remember Scherzinger on the American version before she was booted for Demi Lovato. It looks like the UK may be a better fit for her. UnrealityTV reports that Sharon is coming back after being away for five years.

3. Heidi Klum Gets Down to Business

Constantly in the spotlight as a supermodel, actress, designer, and businesswoman, this celebrity is bound to know what real talent looks like. In addition, with all her experience on Project Runway telling people, “You’re out,” she should feel right at home on America’s Got Talent. Watch Heidi and fellow judges be introduced to the audience.

4. British Artist and Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is In the House

Mel B, America's Got Talent

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Having left the Australian X Factor for season 8 of America’s Got Talent, this vivacious diva should definitely make for good TV. Talk about a judge that will really “spice” up the show!

5. Radio City Music Hall is Where it All Goes Down

Radio City is where auditions were held this year. Performers from all around the country came together to show off their “talents” in front of the judges. Here’s a look at one of the contestants you will be viewing tonight. Introducing Fernando Varela.


It looks like he’s getting some brotherly love.

6. Simon Cowell Puts His Two Cents In

Simon Cowell, America's Got Talent

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In an interview with, current X Factor judge Simon Cowell comments on the chemistry between the judges of Season 8 saying:

The new panel has jelled very well.

Apparently he sees a spark between the new judges that the audience has yet to witness. To make matters even more exciting, Cowell later commented on changes made by the show’s new producer by claiming:

It’s by far the best we’ve done.

7. Host Nick Cannon Gets Flashed

Nick Cannon, America's Got Talent

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As the host of the America’s Got Talent, there’s no wonder Nick Cannon decides to take one for the team. In the new promo video for season 8, Nick Cannon gets an eyeful from Howie Mandel. Find out what happens by clicking the link below and prepare yourself for the laughs that will come with this next season. Let’s hope Mandel remembers to wear his pants during the premiere!

8. Howard Stern Gets Ready to Judge

Howard Stern puts the final touches on his head-full of fantastic curls before the premiere of the show.

Howard Stern, America's Got Talent

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After a round of solid auditions, celebrity judge Stern, along with his crowd, is ready to go. Season 8 wouldn’t be the same without Stern’s outspoken personality and upbeat energy revving up the crowd. Afterall, he is generally known as the “King of all Media.”

Meanwhile on Huffington Post, Stern comments on X Factor’s newest addition to the judge panel, pop star Britney Spears. Apparently Stern’s “outspoken personality” got the best of him when he said:

Britney still thinks the earth is flat… I don’t anticipate great opinions from her.

How’s that for honesty?

9. Howie Mandel Shares His Thoughts on the New Season

Howie Mandel, America's Got Talent

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Mandel gives an in-depth talk about the new season and praises the talents of his co-judges. Check out the video right now!

10. Here’s A Preview of What You’re in For

Is America’s Got Talent “whatcha want, whatcha really, really want?” You better believe it. Check out these cool previews and trailers for Season 8. The new season is filled with talents you won’t believe…and moments you won’t forget!

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