The Bachelorette 6/3/13: Top 10 Highlights



1. The Guys Rap With Soulja Boy

Seriously too cheesy for words, the contestants put together a rap video with Soulja Boy called “Right Reasons” and left us cringing.

Watch the full video here.

2. Dream Man Ben Turns Out to Be a Nightmare?

Bill Cosby disagrees.

3. Brooks Gets the First Solo Date

…And the first kiss! Oh, and the First Rose!

4. Des Has a Date on the Famous Hollywood Sign

Both Brooks and Desiree are able to access the Hollywood Sign on behalf of its 90th Anniversary. Lucky them!

5. Andy Grammar Serenades Desiree and Brooks

Who else is jealous right now?

6. Bryden Gets the Second One-on-One Date

Though the date had many awkward moments, it was a great success that ended with a rose and a kiss.

7. Michael G. Reveals a Disease to Desiree

As Michael G. opens up to Desiree about his Type I diabetes, Ben swoops in and completely interrupts even though he already has a rose. Bad form, Ben.

8. Brandon’s Crushin’ Pretty Hard

9. Three Men Are Sent Home

Will the banker, Robert the advertising entrepreneur, and Nick M. the investment advisor are denied a rose.

10. Next Week Drama Continues

Ben lies to the guys, someone’s girlfriend comes onto the show to confront the mystery slimeball, and one of the guys ends up in the hospital.