Real Housewives of New Jersey 6/9/13: Top 10 Highlights

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1. Melissa and Joe Push Their Realtor Hard

Melissa meant what she said at the reunion when she said she didn’t want her kids to go to school with Teresa’s kids anymore. She kept her promise on trying to sell her house. Melissa and Joe host an open house, but remain in the house as guests come through, which is a little unconventional. In turn, they do not receive the feedback they’d like on their home.

2. Caroline’s Sister Has a Surprise

Caroline Manzo’s sister Fran has gone through a divorce and has been living at the Manzo’s primary home… with her new foster dog Frito. Apparently the pup has been living there for months. Surprise, Caroline.

As long as there’s no dog pee on the floor, I’m comfortable with it.

3. Mrs. Manzo Requests a Sit-down With Mrs. Giudice

In the premiere episode, Caroline tells Joe Gorga that she wants to help mend his relationship wih his sister Teresa. So, in an effort to help a friend, Caroline jumps back into the shark tank.

I was not going to get involved in this fight again, but it breaks my heart because I’m one of 11 and I’ve been there. From the bottom of my heart, I really want this family to mend.

4. Jacqueline’s Autistic Son Brings Her To Tears

For over a year and a half, Jacqueline’s young son Nick has not been able to say “I love you” to her due to his autism. Thanks to her caring husband who’s been working with their speech therapist on this little project, Jacqueline’s little boy makes Jacqueline’s dream come true. This was Jacqueline’s miracle baby after five miscarriages and she’s doing everything she can to help him conquer his illness.

5. Kathy Teaches Her Son To Drive

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While Daddy Richie wants to remain the “cool parent”, he remains in the backseat cracking jokes as Momma Kathy dictates to her son on the rules of driving.

6. Teresa’s Father Lands In The Hospital

Teresa has her children make cards for her father who has to go in to the hospital for a pace-maker. We see her leaving the hospital with her partner in crime Kim “D” before receiving a text from Caroline. In a nice change of pace, Kim “D” tells Teresa she hopes for nothing but the best in terms of Teresa getting together with Caroline.

7. Kathy Gets a Tour of Her Daughter’s Nursing School

Fortunately for Kathy, her daughter is a commuter and lives at home while she goes to college. On a less fortunate note, it seemed that Daddy Richie’s constant goofing around was really taking its toll on wife Kathy.

8. Caroline Tells Teresa to Forgive Jacqueline

Caroline tells Teresa she needs to mend fences and should start with Kathy while working her way up to Jacqueline.

9. Teresa Brings Former Housewife Dina Back Into the Mix

At Teresa’s talk with Caroline, Teresa brings up the fact that Caroline’s sister Dina’s relationship with her is still on the rocks. So, she can’t understand why Caroline is getting involved. Caroline tells Teresa that she needs to make up with her brother while their father is still alive, which seems to strike a cord with Teresa.

Teresa ends up agreeing to meet her brother half-way and the two end their “meeting” with a hug.

10. Next Week Melissa and Teresa Get Into It

Melissa and Teresa get into it, Teresa and Joe’s father ends up back in the hospital, Richie’s son and Aunt Rosie take his Ferrari for a joy ride, and Jacqueline laughs as Caroline tells her that Teresa would like an apology from her. Stay tuned for next week! Sounds like a big one!

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