Amanda Bynes Receives 2-Week Psychiatric Hold Extension: Possible Schizophrenia

Amanda Bynes


After being forced on a 5150 hold due to lighting an unknown woman’s driveway on fire in California, Amanda Bynes will be getting a 2-week extension on her psychiatric evaluation. Her dangerous episode on Monday night led her to be a danger to herself as well as others — even her Pomeranian pup, who she “accidentally” smothered in gasoline.

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According to the source, Amanda’s closest friends and family are all very concerned for her mental health and well-being. They’re “convinced she’s suffering from mental illness, specifically schizophrenia.” Even Amanda’s parents knew something was wrong months ago. But, now that the child star has made her questionable Twitter rants and pyro-activities public for all the world to see… her parents’ wise words might hold some truth.

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We are very sad to hear this, and hope Amanda gets the professional help she needs. At least, it looks like there will be no more ugly posts for a while. Best wishes and rest to Amanda Bynes.