Grant Morrison Ends Batman Comic Book Run After Killing Robin

Grant Morrison Batman and Robin

53-year-old comic book writer Grant Morrison has enjoyed a healthy career these past few years.

His most recent and most major run as a writer has been with the creative team behind Batman Incorporated. Now that the final issue of this DC Comics series is coming to an end this month, Morrison has decided leave the Dark Knight and his world behind.

In an exclusive phone interview with Reuters, Morrison explained his reasoning for this huge decision:

The seven years has exhausted everything I ever had to say about the character.

Death of Robin Batman Inc

Morrison went on to talk about the character of Robin, who was recently killed in action during Morrison’s run on Batman Incorporated:

The story was always going to be about this little kid’s journey from being trained by assassins and raised by an evil cabal of people finding out that he is the son of Batman and trying to live up to that legacy. The story for that character was always that he would die in the end.

Batman Inc

For some up-to-date info on the Robin that died during the New 52 DC Comics reboot, check out the character’s description from Dark Knight News below:

In the latest depiction, Morrison further developed a Robin character, which was originally featured as an unnamed infant in Son Of The Demon (1987). Robin, who was also known as Damian Wayne, was the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the mastermind criminal Ra’s al Ghul. This particular Robin was brought up by the League of Assassins and later he found out that his real father was Bruce Wayne/Batman. After a brief stint (compared to other characters such as Dick Grayson), Damian was killed off by the Heretic (an adult clone version of Damian). Damian died saving the world, a true hero.

Now that Morrison is stepping away from the Batman comics, he’s preparing for several new projects – a Wonder Woman re-working and a new series called Multiversity.

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