WATCH: Kanye West Beats the Sh*t Out of Photog at LAX!

kanye attacks photog LAX

Kanye West just beat the crap out of a photographer at the Los Angeles airport, according to TMZ, which has posted some great photos of the dustup.

Here’s the video:

And here’s what we know about the hothead dad’s latest outburst.

1. It Was a Beatdown

The photog was so badly thrashed that paramedics arrived to treat him. Kanye reportedly landed several punches. But L.A. Times reports “there were no immediate or visible signs of injury.”

2. Kanye Warned Him First

Kanye was swarmed by about five paparazzi as he left a terminal. One paparazzo was particularly insistent, asking incessant questions. Kanye warned him to shut up, but he pressed his luck and Kanye snapped.

3. Cops Are Investigating

Los Angeles police have confirmed they’re investigating a “battery assault” at LAX.

4. Kanye Just Freaked Out Last Week on a Photog at LAX

Kris Jenner was on CBS’ The Talk today defending Kanye for a verbal assault on a TMZ Paparazzo at LAX last week. Apparently Kanye’s tension surround LAX arrivals and departures has been brewing toward a boiling poing.

5. Kanye Attacked Another Paparazzo Last Year in Miami

In October 2012, Kanye flipped out on a female photographer in Miami while he was having dinner with Kim Kardashian. The photog asked Kim if she knew her ex Reggie Bush was in Miami that night. Kanye exploded in a jealous rage, shoved her and hit her camera. He later made up with his victim in touching fashion.