Matt Smith Leaves ‘Doctor Who’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Matt Smith


The handsome, 30-year-old English actor Matt Smith has officially decided to leave the cast of the British TV show Doctor Who. The show, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, will never be the same. Here’s the lowdown.

1. Matt Had Second Thoughts

Matt Smith


This is what the TV star said of his leaving, according to TV Line:

The show has come to a natural tipping point. I’ll miss it. It’s a hard choice.

And, the actor adds:

I’ve pondered it and I’ve thought I’ve made a huge mistake.

Producer Marcus Wilson and others tried to talk Smith out of it, but the actor respectfully refused to have a change in heart.

Even co-star Jenna Coleman, the actor’s current love interest, isn’t so sure how she feels about his departure! She says:

I’m only slightly in denial that Matt is leaving.

2. Matt Had an Emotional Goodbye

Matt Smith


It seems like the good Doctor has a soft side:


TV Line also reports that it looks like Matt might be tearing up:

It is going to be emotional… you become very attached to people.

Matt also claims to owe the show a big thanks, for transforming him and bettering his life and the lives of his loved ones:

It has transformed my career. It has been wonderful for my life and my family’s life.

3. The Search is on for a New Doctor

Matt Smith


According to The Wrap, Matt is sure the show will get bigger and better — even without him. But, if that’s going to happen it means Smith will have to be replaced by a new, better Doctor!

This is what producer Marcus Wilson had to say about the search for the new Doctor:

The search is ongoing… You just want the best actor for the role. You just kind of cast the net wide and hope you find something brilliant.

4. He Has Plans to Move to America

Matt showed up for an interview with Craig Ferguson to discuss the latest details on his status:

Matt Smith, Craig Ferguson


The two got very personal…

During the interview, Ferguson asked Matt if he has any plans to move to America to become a “film star,” and Matt said yes! He responded:

Well, I’ll try. I’ll move to America and have a go…

Then star also added he would prefer to live in New York rather than anywhere else in the U.S.:

I like New York so I can go out and I can engage immediately.

When can we expect him?

Check out more of Matt’s interview on the show in the video below.

5. Matt Will Star in Ryan Gosling’s Movie

Smith’s decision to leave Doctor Who was difficult, but it opens up new possibilities. He already has plans lined up. In the near future, he’ll be starring in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster.