Paris Jackson Needs ‘Discipline,’ Uncle Jermaine Jackson Says

Pairs Jackson


Uncle Jermaine Jackson has little sympathy, if any, for seemingly troubled niece Paris Jackson. According to TMZ, he claims, Paris’ suicide attempt was a stab at authority for not letting her get what she wanted (no pun intended). As we reported in an earlier article, the night of Paris’ suicide attempt was the night she was reportedly banned from attending a Marilyn Manson concert. Could Paris have gotten so angry over her lack of freedom that she tried to kill herself?

This also calls into question the bullying Paris endured that supposedly tipped her over the edge. It was said that cyber-bullying over Facebook, teasing at school and father Michael Jackson’s death were the big contributors to Paris’ depression and, ultimately, downfall…

When TMZ asked Uncle Jermaine about his niece’s situation yesterday, he replied:

Paris has to learn there are certain guidelines when you grow up being a teenager, there are rules. I just think that things could have been enforced a little stronger.

Is Paris’ attitude to blame for her behavior? Would things be different if Michael was still with her?