WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Naked in The Canyons Movie Trailer With James Deen

Lindsay Lohan, The Canyons, James Deen, Sex, Naked, Nude, Movie Trailer


The movie ‘The Canyons’ starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen has been long-awaited. The official movie trailer is finally out and Lohan strips down a little for its debut. Check out the trailer below.

Filled with sex and scandal, the trailer itself dubs ‘The Canyons’ as “an acid-etched horror story of souls wandering through a hyper-materialistic hell.”

Are you ready for suspense, action, and a threesome? The film will premiere at The Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York on Monday, July 29th.

We haven’t seen Lindsay on-screen for anything in a while, so we are very excited. And, we haven’t seen James Deen in anything since Farrah Abraham.

If this movie trailer made you hot in a scary way, share it!

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