WWE Star Darren Young Comes Out as First Gay Wrestler

WWE wrestler Darren Young recently came out to TMZ, admitting to the camera that he’s gay and never been happier.

Young was stopped at LAX on Wednesday by a paparazzi and when asked if he thought a gay wrestler could succeed in the WWE, he said:

“Absolutely. Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

The 29-year-old New Jersey native is the first active wrestler in any major organization to come out as gay. There have been other gay wrestlers in the past, but Young is the first to reveal his sexual preference publicly.

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Young, whose real name is Frederick Rosser, said he wants to make a difference and help people to realize that someone’s sexual preference shouldn’t matter.

“I’m happy with who I am, I’m comfortable with myself, and I’m happy to be living the dream,” Young said. “I’m in L.A. for SummerSlam with WWE. You know, to be honest with you, I’m happy with myself. Some people might not like it, some people will like it but I’m here to please myself. I’m here to be happy and it’s very important that I’m happy with myself. I’m hoping to be able to make a difference, you know? It’s very important to me that people understand that someone’s sexual preference shouldn’t really matter. It should be about the person.”

The wrestler has been a mainstay on the WWE roster since 2010 and doesn’t not expect his announcement to make a difference in the ring.

Young follows the footsteps of Jason Collins, who became the NBA player to come out as gay earlier this year.