Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion (Part 2) Recap: Top 10 Highlights

It’s reunion time! Check out the Top 10 highlights from tonight’s episode right here.

1. Andy Asks Lydia About Her Mom Smoking Pot

Several questions are asked to Lydia about her mom’s pot smoking and she stands firm that she does not approve, though she loves her mother dearly. Vicki then speaks her opinion on pot-smoking, which of course is against it as well.

2. Alexis Calls Gretchen a Liar

Check out the clip above to see Alexis Bellino call Gretchen Rossi a liar.

3. Tamra’s Suicide Attempts Are Brought Up

Andy Cohen brings up and shows the clip from the show where Tamra reveals she previously tried to commit suicide. Apparently no one knew, not even her now-husband Eddie Judge. Now that it’s out in the open, her only worry is for her adult son and how he deals with it.

4. Malibu Country Still Isn’t Settled

Gretchen plays a voicemail of a woman offering her a part with Malibu Country. The voicemail includes specific dates and asks if Gretchen would be available. The other women are still not satisfied. To be fair, the other women are mainly upset because Gretchen tried to use it as an excuse to not come dress shopping though she ended up coming shopping anyway.

5. Gretchen Is Asked About Her Relationship With Slade’s Ex

Gretchen insists she wasn’t good friends with Jo, Slade’s ex, so no girl code was broken. Jo says differently.

In addition, Gretchen said it did not bother her to see re-runs of Jo and Slade together.

6. Tamra Gets Caught in a Lie By Gretchen

Apparently, Tamra did tell Gretchen that she did not want Alexis at her bridal gown shopping event after she pulls out some emails and text messages. Alexis then reveals that Tamra had told her she only said that to Gretchen to shut her up. Tamra owns her lie and says that Gretchen is very difficult to be friends with, so she had to tell Gretchen what she wanted to hear.

7. Alexis Claims She’s Now Flexible on the Word Bullying

For those who’ve watched this season, Alexis has blamed the girls for bullying so many times. Andy Cohen reads the definition of bullying and says that it doesn’t quite fit. Alexis then says that the term bullying isn’t what really mattered at all.

8. The Ladies Say Gretchen’s Proposal to Slade Was Fake

Vicki blows up on Gretchen telling her that she felt Gretchen’s proposal to Slade was fake and just for the camera. Then Alexis, Tamra, and Heather chime in. Because Gretchen did not want to get married last season, none of the women felt the way the proposal was done on camera was genuine. To make matters worse, then Lydia chimed in as well. Fans have mixed opinions.

9. Gretchen Breaks Down

While watching the clip of her proposal to now fiancee Slade, Gretchen breaks down crying. Still shaken up by the accusations that her proposal was made up for the show, Gretchen cries as Tamra and Heather attempt to comfort her. Vicki apologizes for hurting Gretchen with her words. Heather and Vicki seem to soften … then Alexis starts crying.

10. Scenes From Part 3 of the Reunion Show Vicki Quitting

Brooks and Vicki’s daughter get into it and Vicki says she’s done with the show.

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnn!

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