Lindsay Lohan Blasted By ‘The Canyons’ Director Paul Schrader on Facebook

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Director Paul Schrader is livid, saying Lindsay Lohan didn’t help promote or give any support for their movie The Canyons. Whether it’s true or not, feel free to read Schrader’s open letter about it, which he posted on Facebook:

I am mystified and disappointed by LL’s refusal to support The Canyons. She is a producer of the film, a 25% owner. She has received wonderful reviews (among the negative) for her performance. I hired her when no one else would. She fought to keep the role when I wanted to fire her for unreliability. She has no other films in the can. She has received her $250G deferment The Venice red carpet is one of the extraordinary plums of the festival circuit. She repeatedly said she would come to Venice but never did. She said you would suppport the film but never did. She never showed for the photo sessions, including the session for the ad campaign art. Richard Brody of the New Yorker wanted too do a appreciative profile but somehow she didn’t have time to meet him. Film Comment gave her the cover but she would not give them an interview (I had to write a profile piece to save the cover), I shifted the film’s European premiere from Locarno to Venice so she could make her promised post-rehab appearance. But she did not show. I can only surmise that Lindz had decided that Canyons is part of a reprobate past she must put behind her in order to move forward. She was never comfortable working with James Deen and perhaps this still sticks in her craw. I assume those closet to her, her family and reps, had advised her to treat Canyons as an indiscretion. But, for me, the reality is the opposite. In Canyons Lindsay has given a bold, raw, naked original performance which vaults her from the s category of ingenue to leading lady. Don’t get me wrong. I want LL to move forward, have a healthy life and, if possible, a career, but I disagree with her decision to (passively not aggressively) turn her back on Canyons. It’s an extraordinary piece of work and serves her well. Lindsay, your work is excellent. Own it! Paul Schrader

Best of luck, Lindsay!

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