WATCH: This Star Wars Blooper Reel is the Ultimate Easter Egg

Star Wars.

Those two words elicit warm memories of lightsabers, epic galaxy spanning ship skirmishes and several instances of betrayal and victory. The hardcore community behind this space-faring film series is alive and well, plus new episodic films are planned for the franchises future. You avid Star Wars fans have something else to cherish now, thanks to YouTube – a blooper reel that offers some hilarious outtakes from the first three films.

Check out the video above to get a good chuckle out of things going hilariously wrong on the set of George Lucas’ iconic films. This classic piece of material has been hanging around for 36 years…36 YEARS! It was discovered by J.W. Rinzler, an editor/author of Lucasfilm’s book division. He unearthed the footage during his archive research for the films.

Note – the first 50 seconds of the video are silent on purpose (no audio was presentation the original presentation of these outtakes).

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For even more Star Wars blooper reel fun, check out the two following vids above. Enjoy! Oh and make sure you use The Force and all that…

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