WATCH: Cher Performs ‘Believe’ & Judges on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

It’s Cher Night on Dancing With the Stars. Opening up the show with her song “Believe,” Cher was joined by dancers from the show for a big performance.

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But Cher isn’t the only big star on the show tonight. Jennifer Lopez was in the audience once again. Nonetheless it was a night dedicated to legend Cher. Not only was the icon performing, she was also a guest judge in Len’s place, watching each couple dance to her music.

Below is the list of dances that each couple completed this evening:

Corbin and Karina danced the Argentine Tango to “Welcome to Burlesque.” Their scores totaled 27. Check out their performance below:

Lea and Tony danced the Viennese Waltz to “I Got You Babe.” Their scores totaled 25.

Brant and Peta danced the Fox Trot to “In His Kiss.” Their scores totaled 27.

Elizabeth and Val danced Jazz to “Bang Bang.” Their scores totaled 25.

Bill and Emma danced Disco to “Strong Enough.” Their scores totaled 24 with a big improvement.

Jack and Cheryl danced the Tango to “The Beat Goes On.” Their scores totaled 27.

Amber and Derek danced the Rumba to “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Their scores totaled 28. Oh, and Derek took his shirt off, dancing like a blonde Patrick Swayze. With the highest score of the night, this couple is safe!

After all the dances were complete, Cher took to the stage once again to perform her new song “I Hope You Find It.”

Next up was the dance-off for all the couples except for Derek and Amber who scored for first place. Sadly, after the dance-off, it was Brant Daugherty who got sent home.