Reddit Accuses Justin Bieber of Sleeping With a Prostitute

Reddit has accused the Biebs of sleeping with a prostitute in Brazil based on this YouTube video, which is labeled “Justin Bieber sleeping with girl in Brasil (REAL and ORIGINAL VIDEO).” On Reddit, the story is a wee bit different:


We’re obviously behind the Biebs on this one — it doesn’t even necessarily look like he slept with this girl! Rather, she probably snuck in the room and tried to cash in on the super creepy photo-op. Weird. Also, the uploader of the video disabled like and dislikes. Figures! No one is going to like this blatant Bieber-slander.

Tell us what you think of the comments, but personally, I don’t think JB would EVER need to sleep with a prostitute because, um, he’s Justin Bieber? He’s the most famous person on twitter, well, besides Katy Perry now.

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