Serena Williams Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Serena Williams has given birth to a baby girl.

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CNN ‘Blackmails’ Redditor: Memes, Jokes & GIFs

CNN reported they have tracked down the Reddit troll, Han**sholeSolo, who created the GIF President Donald Trump used showing “CNN” getting tackled in a wrestling match.

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WATCH: Florida News Uses Mugshots for Pictures of Victims Killed by Drunk Driver

CBS4 of Miami used the mugshots of Samuael Martindale and Mackendy Jules during a news report about the two African-American men killed by drunk driver Alyza Russell in a 2013 drunk driving incident.

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Proof Bin Laden Died in 2001? All the Articles & Evidence

Osama bin Laden was killed by the United States Navy SEAL Team 6 on May 2, 2011… or was he? 5 years after his alleged assassination, Redditor birthdaysuit11 has compiled evidence the al-Qaeda leader died in 2001.

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Nintendo Smartphone? Cool Concept Art

A Nintendo fan has made concept art for a Nintendo smart phone called “Smart Boy”, which looks a lot like a greatly upgraded “Game Boy.” See pictures here.

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PHOTO: Spider Catches Bee; Bee Stings Spider; Both Die

An epic nature showdown was caught on camera after a spider caught a bee, bit it, but the bee retaliated with a fatal sting to the spider. Both died frozen.