Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Premiere Recap: Top 10 Highlights

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It’s the Season 6 premiere for the Real Housewives of Atlanta and it’s certainly hot down in the south. Check out the Top 10 Highlights of the amazing Georgia peaches right here.

1. Nene Opens the Show

The episode opens with Nene and Greg opening up their wedding gifts. One of the gifts is actually an Hermes plate. In addition, Nene opens up a gift from Teresa and Joe Giudice.Nene talks about how she loves being home, though the reason she’s in Atlanta is that her show the New Normal was cancelled.

Another topic Nene brings up to her husband while opening her gifts is Porsha’s divorce from her husband Kordell.

2. Porsha Visits her Attorney/

In a meeting with her attorney, Porsha discusses spousal support and that she has dirt on Kordell, so she’s pretty sure he would be willing to settle. Then, Porsha talks about how she found out that her husband filed for divorce via Twitter.

Porsha also speaks emotionally to her attorney about putting together a list of ways for Kordell to fix the marriage. She wants her attorney to present them to Kordell and if he still wants to proceed with the divorce, then she’ll throw in the towel as well.

3. Cynthia’s Fashion School Closes Down

The Bailey Agency is moving into Cynthia’s husband’s building and will be called Industry Studios. The building was purchased by Peter without Cynthia’s consent or input, but was bought with both of their money. Cynthia seemed a little uneasy about that.

4. Kenya Has Beef With Nene

Apparently, Kenya Moore was evicted very publicly by her landlord and says she was really upset that no one reached out to her about it. Cynthia then tells her she has no reason to be angry because she burned a lot of bridges with the women. Then Kenya says that Nene was hanging out with her ex Walter, inviting him to her wedding.

But, to be fair, Walter had befriended Greg, Nene’s husband.

5. Phaedra and Apollo Move to Buckhead

With the birth of Phaedra and Apollo’s second child, the two decide to move their family to an area of Atlanta called Buckhead. Buckhead is a very nice place, great for families with upscale neighborhoods.

Oh, and did I mention that Phaedra’s nickname for her son is Mr. President?

6. Kandi’s Mom Isn’t Happy that She’s Getting Married

Kandi reveals that her mother really liked Todd when they were first dating. Then, her mother heard rumors about Todd and then changed her mind. She feels Todd is an opportunist and is not on board with her daughter’s impending marriage. Todd is determined to confront the situation and work it out.

On a weird note, the subject of Porsha’s divorce comes up and Todd blames the ATL Housewives for the demise of Porsha’s marriage. He says that their marriage was fine until the other women meddled in it. What do you think?

7. Porsha’s Still Wearing her Wedding Ring

When Porsha sits down to lunch with Nene, Nene notices that Porsha is still wearing her wedding ring. Nene does not approve of how Kordell ended his marriage with Porsha, calling him a queen, but she doesn’t necessarily agree with Porsha still wearing her ring. Porsha feels that she is still married and that she should respect her vows. In other words, she believes that she needs to still wear the ring.

In additional conversation, Porsha and Nene discuss Kenya. Nene reveals that Kenya never RSVP’d to her wedding and that she only heard from Kenya via a Twitter post.

8. Porsha Thinks Kordell is Gay

After having to sit across from Kordell during their deposition was seriously upsetting for Porsha. She calls the situation heartbreaking. Porsha tells her mother and sister that Kordell gave no precise reason to divorce her, which is what she was expecting to hear in order to get closure.

Porsha’s mother begins to cry and says she knew when Kordell was not appreciating her. Porsha’s mother reveals that when Porsha had a miscarriage, she was in the hospital for a week and Kordell only came to the hospital once. Porsha then goes into the gay rumors. She says that she once asked Kordell about stories she had heard and Kordell assured her he was straight. However, Porsha, at this point, is questioning Kordell’s word.

9. Everyone Avoids Kenya at Cynthia’s Studio Opening

While Nene and the others try to avoid Kenya at Cynthia’s opening, Porsha actually nicely chats with Kenya. Kenya, on the other hand, brings up Porsha’s divorce and starts asking a bunch of questions. Porsha eloquently squashes Kenya’s inquiries fairly quickly. Soon after, Kenya finds Nene, Greg, Phaedra, and Apollo, who had hidden in another room … sort of. Nene ends up confronting whiny Kenya about her not RSVPing to her wedding. Nene tries to leave the conversation so it doesn’t escalate, but Kenya follows her into the hallway and asks Nene about why she invited Walter to her wedding. Kenya brings Kordell’s name into the mix and Porsha feels she needs to jump in. Kenya can’t understand why Nene invited Walter even after Nene tells her that her husband is friends with Walter.

At the end of it all, Kenya tells Nene to go to hell after Nene tells her to find something new to talk about.

10. This Season Is Going to Be Crazy

Kenya continues to twirl, Porsha gets wild in the club, Peter’s club “Bar One” goes under, Apollo and Phaedra have marital issues, Kandi and her mother are at odds over Kandi’s wedding, and more. Kandi’s mother accuses Kandi’s fiance of having an affair with Kandi’s friend. Nene calls Porsha a bad friend. Somehow Porsha ends up in the hospital. Fist fights ensue.