WATCH: Sean Penn Flips Out on Fan, Smashing Cell Phone

Sometimes we can’t resist sneaking creeper pics when we see stars we’ve idolized over the years. But, if you run into Sean Penn, put that camera away or else! Watch this video of Penn flipping out on a fan who tried to snap a quick photo on his phone. Sure, it sucks that Penn constantly has to deal with this kind of thing, but the guy’s not a paparazzo. He’s just a fan … Cut him some slack!

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TMZ reports that:

Penn was at the Lobby Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in the Financial District … when he saw a flash go off from another patron’s cell phone and realized the guy was trying to take a photo. … A witness at the bar tells TMZ … Penn bolted after the guy (who wasn’t a paparazzo) … and screamed at him, “Do we look like f**king zoo animals?” Penn, who was in town to speak at a sales conference — also grabbed the man’s phone and slammed it to the ground.

Apparently, the poor fan was actually an attendee of the sales conference where Penn was speaking. He was even wearing his conference name tag during the altercation.