The Sound of Music Live Blog: Top Highlights & Updates

Tonight is the night for The Sound of Music Live, starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer. As the show goes on, so will we … posting updates, commentary, live tweets, photos, and full details! Stay tuned!

After an unintentionally scary scene at the convent, Carrie Underwood goes right into the famous lyrics … “The hills are alive with the sound of music …” 8:05pm

If you’re stuck in a Julie Andrews state of mind while watching this, some of the cast members have some nice words for you. Check out the below tweet:

Having difficulty watching Carrie Underwood in a nun’s outfit … especially with all that makeup on … 8:11pm

Raindrops on roses … Third grade flashbacks. 8:13pm

Many are not reacting well to Carrie Underwood’s acting though they love her voice … 8:18pm

Wasn’t crazy about the first couple sets, but loving the one for the house. Looks gorgeous. 8:24pm

Wait, am I watching True Blood …? Hello, Stephen! 8:24pm

Stephen Moyer is killing it … He’s bringing this show to life. 8:27pm

What’s wrong with Maria’s dress? It was better than what she was wearing before … 8:28pm

Who wants to shove that whistle down his Von Trapp right now? 8:29pm

No one likes Carrie’s dress, huh … I wonder if they like her acting. 8:31pm

Carrie Underwood on the guitar strumming two notes. 8:32pm

It’s hard not to find yourself singing along … “Doe, a deer, a female deer …” 8:33pm

Having a running fountain on the set was pretty impressive. 8:41pm

I can’t handle this guy’s shorts right now. 8:44pm

“I am sixteen going on seventeen …” 8:45pm

The scene with Ariane Rinehart has been the best so far … 8:52pm

Carrie Underwood yodeling sounds the most natural of all the songs. Perhaps it’s her country roots. 8:56pm

Just as there are a lot of haters, there are a lot of big supporters as well…

Actually loving that magenta dress and hating the shoes … 9:06pm

I forgot about the Nazis being involved in this play … 9:10pm

Man, that whistle is back … 9:12pm

If I were those boys, I’d be really mad I had to wear those floral suspenders and shorts. 9:12pm

As Captain Von Trapp opens his mouth to sing, the Twitter haters are hoping he’d shut it. 9:17pm

The set looks really beautiful with all the couples dancing in their evening wear. 9:24pm

Ah, a classic. 9:32pm

Holy high note young man. 9:34pm

Loving all of Laura Benanti’s costumes … 9:35pm

Uh oh. Carrie Underwood’s even trying to run away from The Sound of Music Live … 9:36pm

Climb Every Mountain … 9:46pm

I wonder what Carrie Underwood is thinking about to make those tears come. 9:47pm

Atleast the Captain is still singing without Carrie Underwood there. 9:55pm

I love how Carrie Underwood returns, dressed somewhat normal unlike the rest of the film. 9:58pm

Even the Captain noticed her outfit. 10:00pm

Not a fan of this song. 10:07pm

Adios, lady. Maria’s back. 10:10pm

I can’t handle Carrie Underwood’s puffy sleeves. 10:11pm

That kiss was a bit much for a former nun … a little more tongue than I would have thought. 10:14pm

I forgot how fast people got married back then … in movies anyway. 10:17pm

The nuns’ voices are overpowering. 10:18pm

Uh Oh. Max is in trouble since the Captain has returned. 10:27pm

Was Carrie Underwood just using a teleprompter? 10:30pm

I don’t remember how this ends. 10:33pm

This scene is giving me goosebumps. Finally some drama! 10:37pm

The way they’ve done the set change was nice and fluid, but still can’t get used to all the Nazi symbols. 10:38pm

Is anyone getting really sad at the thought of Captain Von Trapp being taken away? 10:47pm

The Von Trapps win and dash … 10:50pm

Even the nuns aren’t supporting The Sound of Music cast. 10:54pm

Of course it’s getting good when it’s almost over. 10:56pm

Not liking the ending … I’m needing more closure. 10:59pm