Americal Idol Season 13 Spoilers, Previews, & Video Footage

Last night, the judges from American Idol gathered for a live Q&A and we’ve got the footage right here. It includes a ton of preview footage as well as info on the new season. So, here we go:

The Examiner reports on the introduction of “The Chamber”.

The unveiling of The Chamber, a small holding pen where contestants will practice or pray (or do whatever) before their debut in front of the celebrity judges. It comes equipped with cameras, so viewers will get to see the pre-audition rituals of the “Idol” hopefuls.

-According to Reality Rewind, the big finale will move from Los Angeles to New york City this season.

-Contestants will be allowed to audition this season with an instrument, which they have not been allowed to do in the past.

-Randy Jackson will return, but not as a judge. He will be running a “boot camp”, which will be a workshop for the contestants. The two-day workshop will be held between Hollywood Week and the live shows.

-Rush Week will be introduced as well. It’s a surprise elimination round that takes place before Hollywood Week.

-One of our guilty pleasures will not be as prominent during the audition episodes. Apparently, they’re cutting back on the bad auditions.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the season …